CHOF wins 4A playin game

To CHOF for their 4A South playin game vs Math and Science (Woo, Whooo!).  This wasn't the original game as some how Fair Downtown was magically added to the bracket as the #5 seed with no feedback.  That pushed CHOF from having an outside shot against St. Agnes and/or St. Paul Humboldt on 1 side of the subsection to the winner of this one playing at MTS on Thursday on the other side.  Can't blame the CHOF folks for not being happy with the MSHSL on that one.  No concessions tonight and a crowd of about 30.

Game Time
Tyler Strandlund gets CHOF off to the expected hot start.  A layup and a pair of putbacks along with a pair Joe Bluhm 3s get CHOF out to a 16-0 lead 4 minutes into the game.  25-8 CHOF before a Tyler Strandlund steal for 2, Adam Rohlf for 3 and Kendall Strandlund for 3.  Tyler Strandlund runs out from a 1-4 inbound for a layup and then sits the rest of the half.  The lead gets to 39-8.  43-17 CHOF at half.  Tyler Strandlund with a pair of steals for buckets to push the game to 35.  He plays point guard some in the second half as CHOF puts on the brakes.  71-33 CHOF wins with no press.

Tyler Strandlund 24 points, 14 rebounds (I had 16 on my sheet when I left with 7:30 to go and missed no M&S points) with 7 blocks and 5 steals to lead CHOF.   Brady Hannula and Nirmal Mekala lead Math and Science with 8 points.  CHOF visits MTS on Thursday in a renewal of their rivalry.  MTS won the regular season meeting 101-59 with a 29 point lead at the half.

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