Kevin Noreen reaches 4000 career points

Minnesota Transitions wins the 4A East Subsection Championship over St. Agnes tonight.  Kevin Noreen with 44 points in the game to surpass the 4000 career points plateau with 4001.  He has a max of 4 games remaining in his career to make sure it stays above 4000 if the MSHSL decided to (wrongly) retract points from games against certain opponents earlier in his career.

To see the entire breakdown of the record, from the day Cody Schilling set the record through now, see my Kevin Noreen's State Scoring Record page.


  1. Czar...Noreen is a scoring machine and if he doesn't win Mr. Basketball....honestly they should scrap the program. He drops in 38+ per game with almost a yawn.
    Anyway, this guy is a great kid, smart, and very talented. Who could ever dream of scoring 4,000 points in a HS career. Thanks for your coverage.

  2. look who he plays against are you joking me he would be lucky to have 2000 if he were at just a 3a school let alone 4a. this is bad for minnesota basketball.

  3. Quinn186, Kevin Noreen played the most difficult Class A schedule in Minnesota history this year. In 15 games against teams in higher classifications, he averaged over 36 points per game. No matter what class he played in, Noreen would have a very impressive point total. How about giving the young man some credit? Quinn, maybe you know more than the ACC coach who recruited him.

  4. first off jeff500 you cant prove that it was the most difficult class A schedule in minnesota history. I will guarantee he would not be close to the state scoring record had he played in Class 3A or 4A. It is impressive to score 4000 points but the competition isnt NEARLY as good as the higher classes. You cant really make a remark about how the ACC coach recruited him because we are talking about point totals not about potential for the future.

  5. Of course he wouldn't score that many at a 4A school, does that diminish it though? The top scorer in SD history, small school. Top 11 in Wisconsin history, small schools. Top 4 in Minnesota history, small schools. That's just part of the record.

    As to the schedule, the teams MTS has played the last 2 years, I'll put that up against anybody else in class A at anytime. Even the Red Star has acknowledged that when Noreen played big schools, his average still would have led the metro.

  6. Anytime a team puts up 95 points in a half like the transitions did against fon du lac ojibwe, I'm sorry but this is not a high school basketball team. That is a joke. Anybody that knows basketball will tell you scoring 95 points in a game is almost unheard of let alone a full game.

  7. The problem with making preposterous, jealous-laden and uninformed statements is that they can be easily refuted with facts.

    I think these are all "real" teams, with reputations, that are on Fond du Lac's schedule and even you might have heard of them.

    From the MSHSL website:

    Ely 82 FDL 74
    New London Spicer 97 FDL 53
    Cass Lake-Bena 91 FDL 80
    Chisholm 63 FDL 47
    Red Lake 101 FDL 85
    FDL 73 FAIR 70
    Mpls North 117 FDL 67

    AS you can see, these are real teams with recent and past history at competing in sub-section, section and state championships.
    Perhaps you should get out more before you make a fool of yourself with ridiculous statments every time you come on this blog.

  8. im sorry anytime a team scores 95 points in a half, there is obviously something wrong. That is nearly impossible. even you should know that. Why dont you get out more and look at some high school scores and tell me when the last team to put up 70 or more in a high school half was? what you dont understand is that I said they were not a high school basketball team only for the reason that they gave up that many points, I never said they werent part of the mshsl. I understand they are a team but giving up that many points to a Class A team never should happen. by the way thanks for the purposeless statistics mr norreen

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  10. Not mr. norreen, so right off the bat you're wrong. Calling a team a "joke" without looking at the facts makes you look pretty mean-spirited and small-minded. These are kids working just as hard as any other team and are obviously better individuals than you. The posted stats are very purposeful and meaningful, you apparently are too lazy to take a look. Taking a look at the facts and actually thinking about what you type before you put something out for all to read usually helps you come off with a little more credibility. Please read and explain why these other scores aren't valid in showing FDL's legitimacy as a team.

  11. The point all along has been some of the teams the transitions play are NOT good. I still dont think you understand how impossible it is to score 95 points in a half. Why do you think the MSHSL is trying to erase some of those points? The teams have not been sponsored through the MSHSL.

  12. VikingFan, if you see how MTS presses and in some of those games where they are playing overmatched opponents, then 95 points isn't surprising.

    Are there cupcakes on the schedule, absolutely. But remember you have 26 games to fill as an independent. Do we really expect all 26 to be against top notch teams? Look at the last 2 years and I think its safe to say MTS has played a very beefed up schedule for a class A team and done well against it.

  13. As to the MSHSL dropping points, I think that's nonsense. The MSHSL allows the game to be played and counts it against your 26 allowed games but the stats don't count? That just doesn't jive with me. If its a non-sanctioned team, then count it as a scrimmage or don't allow it at all.


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