Jordan vs PEM (State 2A Quarterfinal)

A nice way to start the night with the brothers Olstad of Plainview-Elgin-Millville taking on my favorite name Yuriy Malashenko and Jordan.  I'm at the same end line spot as last year watching PEM in the early game.  Deja Vu.  Soda count is 3 as I try to out drink John Millea.

Game Time
Jordan goes 1-3-1 (with man-man principles) to start. Cole at HP vs the zone. SLOW PACE with the Jordan zone. 6-2 PEM at 11:30 before Oakes 3. PEM trapping Yuriy Malashenko in the post out of Swing. Timeout PEM at 11:06 with 6-5 lead. Teams both 2-9 shooting. Jordan 5 turnovers. Malashenko with a strong rebound, swings thru a double team and then a tough follow bucket at 9:30. 11-9 Jordan goes on top. 6th rebound for Malashenko. Then Malashenko for 3 at 8:15 14-9 Jordan. Timeout PEM at 7:57. Hynes 3 at 6:50 17-9. That's a 15-3 Jordan run over 5 minutes. PEM 3-13, Jordan 6-17 shooting as neither team can find the range. Cole Olstad with a nice pass to Michael Pick at 5:20 for a reverse layup to break the run. Set play for lanky forward Tanner Oakes yields a 3 at 4:10 to keep the Jordan lead at 9, 20-11 Jordan. That's his 3rd triple of the half. PEM really sagging toward the post in their man to man defense. Malashenko drives from top of key for 1 handed hammer at 2:05 and a big roar from the Jordan crowd. Clay Olstad with a much need 3 at 1:15 for PEM. 22-16 Jordan. Top guy in Jordan 1-3-1 sagging to Cole. 24-18 Jordan at the half. Malashenko with 8 points and 8 boards at the break. Tanner Oakes with the 3 triples for 9 points. Cole Olstad 6 points for PEM. Shooting stats not pretty. Jordan 9-24, PEM 7-22 (2-12 from 3 vs 5-10 for Jordan).

Chris Conrad for 3 and steal for 2 as PEM quickly cuts into the lead. 24-23 Jordan at 16:20. Timeout Jordan. After another Jordan turnover, Cole Olstad fouled in the post and makes 2 freebies. 25-24 PEM and a turnover is another Conrad bomb. PEM getting after it with the diamond press for a 28-24 lead. Jordan 2 and Conrad ast to Clay Olstad 3. 31-26 PEM before Malashenko with a tough putback at 14:20. He snares another miss for 2 FTs at 13:47 (PEM 3-5 from 3 this half). 31-30 PEM. Jordan back to the 1-3-1 down 4 with 8 minutes left and PEM holds. Jordan comes out of 1-3-1 at 6:50. Cole Olstad drive for 2 at 4:20. 42-36 PEM. Slow offense for PEM as they're really killing clock. 2 minutes left and Jordan only has 4 team fouls so they have to give 2. Conrad banks FT at 1:23. 43-38 PEM. Malashenko charges at 50.7 with Jordan down 43-39. 44-39 when Malashenko grabs a miss for a 3 point play. 44-42 PEM with 22 seconds left. Timeout PEM with 16.6 left. PEM executes and finds Cole Olstad for 1 of 2 FTs and second one almost didn't go in. Jordan pushes to half court and takes time wiht 12.2 left down 45-42. Poor execution by Jordan and a forced 3 is blocked at the buzzer for a 45-42 PEM win.

Yuriy Malashenko with 16 and the usual big night of rebounds with 19 with 2 blocks thrown in..  Tanner Oakes quiet in the 2nd half to finish with 13 points.  Very surprised he didn't get more looks in the second half.  Chris Conrad with 9 of his 11 in the second half.  That ties Cole Olstad for the team lead in points.  Ugly shooting in this one as PEM shoots 16-42 and Jordan shoots 15-45.  That included 6-21 in the second half
Great ending at Williams Arena with Braham taking out Sibley East 59-58. Tyler Vaughan fouled by Marshall Bjorklund for 2 FTs with 3 seconds left in OT as Braham comes from double digits down. Vaughan 29, 12 and 6. Bjorklund with 33 and 23 on 14-16 shooting. WOW!

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