Thoughts from St. Cloud

So I spent Saturday in St. Cloud at the section semifinals for classes 8AAA, 8AAAA and 5AAA.  What a day.  Nothing like that 6 AM wakeup call to get one started and then getting in the door at 1 AM.  A day of surviving on Dominoes pizza and Pepsi all day.  While there was an hour budgeted between the 3 sessions, the sessions games were scheduled for 90 minute intervals (which never happens).  So it worked out well really well with no more than 45 minutes between sessions and game 1 went right to game 2.  Hard to beat Halenbeck Hall as a venue.  You have good seats low, more than ample room for students and bands on the ends and if need be, a huge upper deck.  Great work by the Little Falls band.  And always nice to see the coolest guys in the NSIC.  After doing metro games all season, its nice to get into the outstate and see the difference in the passion and size of the crowds, but student and adult.  Not to mention some of the talent that flies under the radar.  Props for Minnesota Comets director Chris Lewis who correctly called the game of the day before the day's action tipped.  We had blowouts, big comebacks, physical games, intense coaches and some end game drama.  I wrote about all 6 games for Minnesota Preps . Links to each are below.

8AAA Semfinals
Rocori vs St. Cloud Apollo
Little Falls vs Bemidji

8AAAA Semfinals
St. Cloud Tech vs St. Michael-Albertville
Buffalo vs Elk River

5AAA Semfinals
Orono vs Annandale
Rogers vs Delano


  1. is there anyways you could post a copy of the st. cloud tech vs. st. michael game for those of us that dont have access to the other website, i really want to read about what your thoughts on the game were

  2. beckm, as the article is for MN Preps subscribers, I'm not allowed to repost it here. Sorry


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