2010 Recruiting Period, Day 1 Results

Results for the Minnesota squads from day 1 of the big 2010 recruiting period.

Howard Pulley Blue lost to Martin Brothers by 3
Howard Pulley White 2-0 including an 11 point win over Kingdom Hoops Red
WOTN 1-1 with a 2 pt win over WI Blizzard

Martin Brothers got the top Pulley squad again.  This time by 6.
Suns lost to Playground Elite
Net Gain with a pair of wins including a good 10 point win over the Iowa Barnstormers
Comets Elite 1-1
Magic Elite Tillman lost by 4 to a WI Playmakers squad.
Pulley White def ECI Select.
WOTN 2-0.
Comets Stock with 2 double digit wins.

Pulley White lost to Kingdom Hoops
Magic Elite Garvis lost by 13 to Terry Porter Elite
Comets Hanson 2-0
WOTN Gold def Illinois Heat by 7
Magic Westside 0-1
WOTN Black 0-1
Comets Seevers 0-2 including a double digit loss to WI Terror led by Connor Miller.

Adidas Invitational 17s
43 Hoops won their super pool with a 74-57 win over the Nashville Celtics and a 76-71 win over KC Pump N Run.

43 Hoops 16s got moved up to a super pool and lost to Eric Gordon Central Stars 88-67 and lost to Ohio Basketball club 85-76.

Magic Elite Culp 16s split their 2 games with a 67-57 win over Speice Dominic James and a 52-51 loss to Brookwood Elite.

Team GetShook split 2 games in the Hoosier Shootout.

Minnesota Select II won their opener in the Indiana Shootout.

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