Day 2 of the 2010 Best Buy Summer Classic

So after a 15 hour day in the sweltering heat of the Jefferson main gym and the activity center, I slacked off and managed to get some rest at Dacha de Czar and only managed 9 hours in the gym today (short of expectations but more on that later).  But upon arrival we find out that the main gym is even more of a sauna than yesterday (thank you mother nature). 

Fury Blue opens my day with a 54-51 win over Grassroots Canada.  Despite no Myck Kabongo for Canada, still another nice resume win for Fury Blue.  Game 2 was a stubborn Wrath team falling 64-59 to DC Assault.  Dylan Stewart 16 points and a great day as the 1 athlete who could matchup.  That prompted one of the Meanstreets coaches (playing in the next game) to ask me who was looking at him.  Needless to say, he had to jump on the radar screen for somebody today.

At this point, the main gym is unbearable and almost unplayable with the floor resembling a slip and slide.  But its the game of the day with Memphis Magic taking on Indiana Elite in a round of 16 game that could easily be a final.  Andre Hollins (Rivals #150) goes off in the 2nd half for 26 points on my sheet.  Cody Zeller another productive day of 21 points.  Back and forth game and Indiana looked like they'd pull away.  Memphis has a chance to go full court with 5 seconds left down 3.  Their inbound pass is tipped away and goes out of bounds under the basket with 1 second left. So Memphis is a BLOB play away from tying the game.  But their inbound goes to a big who nails a 15 footer at the buzzer.  That doesn't help and Indiana hangs on for the 75-74 win.

Fury Blue then easily def Grassroots MN in another round of 16 game.  With Seantrel Henderson playing along side Jordan Hughes and Louis Cox et al, that's a bad loss on paper for the seniors.  Thankfully Seantrel didn't slip due to the humidity and get injured.  Simply put, I think he's making a really foolish mistake by spending anytime on a basketball court (either at this or at the Pulley Pro-Am) as he's likely putting millions of dollars on the line.  Hopefully a responsible adult who he respects will make sure he understands that.

Then its off to spend some time flipping between courts to watch the 16s play their round of 16 games.  With the Memphis/Indiana game running so late, Pump N Run and PrymeTyme had already won their games.  WOTN and the Iowa Barnstormers rolled to easy wins in their games.  James Harrington of the Barnstormers (Indiana State offer) gave Heat Red fits in the win.  Heat Elite really struggled to beat the CS Bulldogs squad.  Team Eleate showcased 2014 point guard Jeremy Lieberman.  I can see why people are high on him.  He's not the pure point guard that Tyus Jones is, but he's a better athlete and a better shooter.  They pulled away to easily beat Old Gold.  Finally, the Atlanta Celtics put on a dunk fest against California Pump N Run and Team Detroit took care of the SW MN Stars.  Stars 6'7 forward Kyle Kilgore (Adrian) had a couple of nice moments in the game.  He's a slightly more athletic version of Joey King but not as skilled or strong.

Then a really good one between tNBA and the PNR 15s.  Tubby Smith on hand to watch Darrion Strong, but one couldn't help but be impressed by tNBA lefty point guard Grant Schaeffer.  tNBA held a 10 point lead in the 2nd half but PNR was able to force overtime and then win by 2.  tNBA isn't flashy and they don't have any big names, but a very united team squad that gives team fits.  Think of a 15U version of the Wrath.

I missed the end of the game to go call the PNR vs Indiana Elite quarterfinal game.  A shame because the clock got reset and I could have seen much more of it.  A back and forth 1st half with Cody Zeller dominating early but Shelby Moats showed up inside.  Then just before halftime, the whole west part of Bloomington loses power.  The gym goes dark and after a delay to determine that we won't get things done tonight, everybody can go home.

The 810 PM games will resume at 8 AM from the point of stoppage on the same courts.  Then the 920 PM games will be played.  Then the regular schedule of semifinals and finals will resume.

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