Who's where to start July

Happy 4th of July holiday to all.  That means its the D1 recruiting period and teams scatter to the 4 winds to be seen by the D1 coaches.  Here's where you'll find Minnesota's best.

NY2LA Next Level Invitational (Milwaukee)
In 17U there are 11 pools.  Howard Pulley White makes 1 of the 3 super pools.  Iowa Barnstormers, SYF Players, Martin Brothers, Kingdom Hoops and Wisconsin Playmakers are the other notable super pool teams.  As to the other 8 pools, 6 of them have Minnesota teams.  Magic Elite-Garvis who plays with Terry Porter Elite (won Heat tournament in May) and the top ECI team (which I think no longer has Joe Hanstad).  Comets Hanson has the 2nd Wisconsin Playmakers team and former Chicago Bulls player Dickey Simpkins' top Team NLP squad in their pool.  WOTN Gold has the 2nd ECI team in their pool. Magic Westside, Comets-Seevers and WOTN Black are the other teams attending.

In 16U, Howard Pulley sends both of their teams before the top 16s go off to the Peach Jam.  Net Gain with Riley Dearring, Minnesota Suns, Magic Elite-Tillman, WOTN and the top 2 Comets teams are also there. Very good IA vs MN games in pool play as Net Gain has the Iowa Barnstormers in their pool.  Howard Pulley Black has the loaded Martin Brothers squad in their pool (assuming all the stars stay down at 16s).  The top Comets team has Kingdom Hoops in their pool.  If that's the Wesley Staten squad, that should be an outstanding game as well.

In 15U, both Howard Pulley squads are attending along with WOTN.

Adidas Invitational (Indianapolis)
This is the old Adidas It Takes 5 tournament that used to be in Cincinnati.  Now you have 3 tournaments in Indy.  Its turning into the Las Vegas of the early period.

In 17U, 43 Hoops makes the last super pool along with the Nashville Celtics and Kansas City Pump N Run.  Those games are Tuesday morning and afternoon.  Its a loaded field with Indiana Elite, Dallas Mustangs, Dream Vision (all 1 pool, OUCH), New England Playaz, Compton Magic, Double Pump Elite, Atlanta Celtics just to name a few.  If 43 Hoops wins their pool, they would get the last finisher out of Dream Vision, Indiana Elite and Dallas Mustangs in their 1st bracket game.  Not a friendly draw at all.

In 16U, 43 Hoops and Magic Elite-Culp are also there.  In 15U, not sure but tNBA might be there.

Also in Indianapolis, Team GetShook has their 17s in the Hoosier Shootout.  Minnesota Glory (16s and 17s) and both 17s from Minnesota Select are in the Indiana Shootout field.  Select's top 15s are also in the 15U draw.

Fury, Heat Elite and Pump N Run are all off for the 1st round of tournaments.

Here's a summary of where all the 17U teams are during this early recruiting period.

43 Hoops - Adidas Invitational, NWI Division 1 Tournament, NY2LA
Comets Hanson - NY2LA, Great Plains Alliance
Comets Seevers - NY2LA, Pump N Run
Fury Blue - King James Summer Showcase, Pump N Run
Fury Gold - King James Summer Showcase, Pump N Run
Glory - Indiana Shootout, Kentucky Hoopfest
Heat Elite - King James Summer Showcase, Pump N Run
Magic Elite Garvis - NY2LA, King James Summer Showcase
Magic Elite Culp - King James Summer Showcase (Chicago), NY2LA
Pulley Blue - Peach Jam
Pulley White - NY2LA, Great Plains Alliance
Pump N Run - King James Summer Showcase, Pump N Run
Select James - Indiana Shootout, Kentucky Hoopfest, Pump N Run
Select Hemmingsen - - Indiana Shootout, Kentucky Hoopfest, Pump N Run
Team GetShook - Hoosier Shootout, Pump N Run
Wear Out The Net - NY2LA, King James Summer Showcase, Pump N Run


  1. Hey Czar,

    PNR says they are in the Chicago Summer Classic and you have them in King James. Same tourney? If so, a lot of Mn teams are there. Have you seen a schedule?


  2. Yeah it is the same tourney and mostly the same venues (Joy of the Game and Waukegan HS). Last year it was run by ChicagoHoops.com (no love for them from me). Lebron James' HS coach Dru Joice is running this one. He also runs the big King James classic which usually goes on the same weekend in April as the PNR tourney.

  3. I stand corrected, its not the same tourney. 43 Hoops is in the Northwest Indiana Invitational (or something like it. check out bayloryouth.org).


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