Time to roll the dice

Its that wonderful time of year where a huge portion of the basketball world gathers in Las Vegas for the biggest recruiting bonanza on the planet.  A different year this year with the Reebok Summer Championships and Nike Main Event not on the schedule this year.  But that still leaves the Adidas Super 64 and that's where most of our teams are at.  13 different venues in use with games starting at 9 AM local time on Thursday.

The format is 32 teams from 8 4-team pools that all automatically qualify for the championship bracket.  Then there are 40 other pools where the winners qualify for the championship bracket.  Minnesota Pump N Run takes a spot in Super Pool E.  For whatever reason, 43 Hoops not only didn't get a super pool spot, but is in 1 of the 16 pools that will have to play an extra game just to make the final 64.  Those pigtail games are Saturday at 11:40 AM local time.

The Minnesota teams start in the very first session with Comets Seevers taking on the Wisconsin Starz.  Nice to go all the way to Vegas and find a team that has played here in both Pump N Run events.  43 Hoops also comes across a team that has played locally as the top team from Bound 4 Glory is in their pool.

Minnesota Fury Blue is another local team that has to play the extra game if they qualify for the championship bracket.  They have 3 western teams in their pool.  While Heat Elite is listed, I think that team is Fury Gold.  Comets Hanson takes a spot in the last pool.

Possible bracket games include the following.

Comets Seevers vs PNR in the round of 64 if both teams win their pool.
Fury Blue vs 43 Hoops in the quarters
Minnesota Southside is in the 16s bracket.

Minnesota Select is in the Ultimate Swoosh Showcase in Vegas

Howard Pulley has both of their teams in the invite division of the Hoop City Classic in Kansas City.
Minnesota Suns 16s are also in Kansas City.

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