The Media and July

Interesting article from the IndyStar (read it here) on the media and how July is covered.  Eric Gordon 16U coach Matt Lacy was outspoken in his opinions of the media in the article.  2 notable comments from the article.  He says there are too many people who shouldn't be credentialed that get in as media and they shouldn't be talking to the kids.  Been there done at our state high school tournament.  You could even make a case that I qualify for that distinction.  Dead bang on with that comment and even if it was at my own expense, I could accept events cracking down on the media.

Its his other notable comment that I take real exception to.  He talks about players having a bunch of media being around and because they're young, they haven't had anybody to help them through that.  If he was referencing a high school team, I'd be more sympathetic to his statement.  But he's talking about summer ball, I view that as falling 100% on him not teaching his players.  Media and promotion are as much as part of the summer game as playing the game itself.  The whole point of playing summer ball for a high level program like his is to be exposed and to put yourself on the radar.  Dealing with the media as a player or a coach is part of that.  So coach Lacy either needs to be the man preparing his players for that or I'd be OK if he made his players off-limits and dealt with all media inquiries himself (or in combination with the rest of the coaching staff).

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