2015 Holiday Tournaments Day 2

Its day 2 of the 4 day 2015 Holiday Tournament season.  Day 2 takes me back to Fridley but this time for the 1 boys game in the Fridley Holiday Tourney, then its off to the U of St. Thomas for the finals of the UST Holiday Tourney.  12 oz of Pepsi out of the can during the day and then 12 out of the fountain for the night session.  Can, bottle or fountain you ask?  I'll take can but the old 16 oz bottle is a classic too.  Plastic bottle totally different.

Game 1: St. Paul Como Park vs Minneapolis Southwest
Its a Twin Cites game between Como Park and Southwest in the Fridley Tourney.  No Brennan Hawkins for Southwest.  Como Park in early control with their star Demetrice Mitchell on the offensive glass and going backdoor for 2.  The Cougars continue with a 14-4 spurt for a 22-11 lead at the 7:45 mark. A couple late hoops keep SW within 10 at the break.  Como Park 10-1 right after the break and all of a sudden its 44-27 Cougars inside 14 left.  Southwest places their bench a ton after that.  That's despite a pair of 3s cutting the lead to 11 inside 12 left.  Southwest would get no closer.  Como Park wins 68-52.  Demetrice Mitchell 20 points to lead Como Park.  Jack Walker 10 for Southwest.  Caine Knuckles nice work distributing for Southwest.

Game 2: Cretin-Derham Hall vs St. Thomas Academy
To the UST Holiday Tournament.  CDH head coach Jerry Kline with the whistle and football pads out for pregame warmups after last night's loss to Park Center.  Daniel Oturu comes off the bench for CDH as well.  John Myran off the STA bench and buries a 3 at the 12:20 mark to put the Cadets up 10-9.  CDH awakens with a 9-0 run.  Nate Chaffee had problems finishing around Oturu but he makes a couple of hoops late in the half.  STA within 37-28 at the break.  STA turns it over on their 1st 4 possessions of the 2nd half and CDH pushes the lead to 15.  STA within 12 before Oturu goes for a 3 point play and its Chaffee's 4th foul with 10:17 left.  Then another CDH And 1 extends the lead to 18.  CDH wins 76-53.  Daniel Oturu 20 points, 8 rebounds and 3 blocks on my sheet.  Too much of him inside.  Nate Chaffee 14 to lead St. Thomas Academy.

Game 3: Park Center vs Hill-Murray
I'm seeing green as both teams have the correct uniforms after last night's uniform issues.  Unfortunately the crowd largely disperses for this one (move your car St. Paul snow emergency people!).  The start is slow thanks to Hill-Murray's 2-3 zone.  Park Center jumps out to an 8-0 lead with 2 3s from Derrick Ogechi.  Simeon Davis and Chris Moore carry the Hill-Murray offense.  Losini Kamara counters with 9 in the half for the Pirates.  Park Center 26-21 at the break.

Hill-Murray scores the 1st 7 of the 2nd half with Moore scoring inside and a Davis drive.  28-26 Pioneers 2 minutes into the second half.  Then Park Center blows up the zone with 7 3s in the next 5:30.  Kamara makes the 1st 5 and Ogechi makes the last 2.  49-32 Pirates after a 23-4 run.   The lead is 15 with 8 minutes left and Park Center spreads it out.  Hill-Murray finally goes man and the Pirates knock down 5 more 3s just for good measure.  Park Center makes 17 3s total, 12 in the 2nd half.  They win the UST Holiday Tournament 73-47.  Losini Kamara 6 3s, 26 points to lead Park Center.  Derrick Ogechi and Isaiah Simon each knock down 4 bombs.  Chris Moore 18, Simeon Davis 14 for Hill-Murray.

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