The battle of Nordeast

To St. Anthony to see the Huskies take on their neighbor from the northeast side Minneapolis Edison.  Nice representation from students on both sides.  Pizza always a good option but crust slightly burnt so that gets a downgrade.  More water on the drinking menu tonight.  Plenty of high school guys scouting St. Anthony tonight.

Song of the Day
Bobby Vinton - Blue Velvet

Number of Teams I've Seen: 43 (14 courts, 2 new, 1 TV game)

Beverage Ticker: 72 ounces (790 calories) + 1 liter (250 calories) + 2.5 liters (0 calories) + 40 oz (0 calories.
19 days (16 possible game days), 23 games, 2 scrimmages added on, includes 1 TV replay

  • Pepsi: 36 ounces (450 Calories) + 500 ml (210 Calories)
  • Dr Pepper: 24 ounces (300 Calories)
  • Sprite: 12 ounces (140 Calories)
  • Water: 2.5 Liters + 40 ounces (0 Calories)
  • Gatorade: 500 ml (40 Calories)
Hot Dog Ticker: 2
Pizza Ticker: 6
Walking Taco Ticker: 3

Game Time:
Edison comes out 2-3 zone and this one starts very slowly.  We're tied at 5 over 4 minutes in.  6-0 Edison run finished with a coast to coast layup and we're tied at 13 at the 8:32 mark.  Then forward Rhys Langums starts to produce off the St. Anthony bench.  He's active inside for 3 free throws.  Jimmy Zeller with a putback and 3 point play for St. Anthony.  They lead 21-17 at a 5:06 Huskies timeout.  Langums living at the charity stripe with 3 more free throws.  Then he drives for 2 and a post move for a 3 point play.  He finishes it off with a nice high low feed to Nick Peterson for a layup.  Edison makes a couple of late 3s.  So despite all 5 Edison starters having at least 2 fouls, they are still hanging around down 35-25 at the break

St. Anthony wasn't happy at halftime and they blew the game open in the 2nd half.  Nick Knutson with a layup.  Peterson with a driving layup and a 3 point play. Zeller and Kevin Omodt also add layups.  St. Anthony pulling away 48-30.  After Edison banks in a prayer, Langums spins in the post and throws down a 1 handed dunk to awaken the crowd.   Then Langums trails the break and gets the feed for a layup. He'll add 2 mean drives and hammer dunks plus an assist for an Omodt layup.  Blowout city in the 2nd half.  St. Anthony wins 85-45.

Post Game
The roster for Edison not 100% accurate so not exactly sure on names for them.  The Tommies do end up with at least 1 and maybe 2 players in double figures.  They didn't go to the bench for a long time in the 1st half despite a ton of foul trouble.  The Tommies fall to 0-5 with the closest loss being 20 points.  The others by 32, 37, 40 and 77.  They move on to the middle of a 7 game road trip at Hope Academy on Friday.

Rhys Langums leads St. Anthony with 24 points and 3 impressive 2nd half dunks.  He's still pretty raw but showed a couple nice flashes attacking the rim with gusto.  Nick Peterson adds 15 points.  Blowout city for the Huskies once they came out for the 2nd half.  St. Anthony is now 6-0 against a pretty soft non-conference schedule.  The rest of that is no different as they have Coon Rapids on Friday.  Then Oglivie, at Humboldt, at South St. Paul, PACT and FAIR along with a Trinity team that hasn't been as good as expected.  Those are all very winnable games.  Add in the bottom teams in the Tri-Metro and you're looking at going from 6 wins last year to very likely 15 or more.

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