CDH survives a scare

Its an early season showdown in the Suburban East as Woodbury visits Cretin-Derham Hall.  Woodbury on a 4 game winning streak.  With lots back from last year (unlike most of the east Metro), I wanted to see if the Royals could compete with a conference favorite.  The always top rated all-beef hot dog is a must have.  Plus another bottle of generic water. 

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Game Time:
CDH looks to turn this in a rout right away.  Daniel Oturu gets it started with an inside hoop.  Chris Perry finishes the 10-0 run with a 3 point play.  Woodbury has nobody to guard these 2 and it looks like blowout city.  Then Woodbury gets their shooting going.  Jace Klinkner for 3, a skip to soph Michael Jones for 3 and Jeremiah Coddon with a bomb and Woodbury has the lead.  Then Ike Thilgen bombs away not once but twice.  Add in a pair of free throws off an offensive board and its 21-15 Woodbury at the 7:29 mark.  The run is 21-5 in just over 7 minutes.  Woodbury showed some effective 2-3 zone during that time.  But we never saw the zone again.  Jordan Ammons brings CDH back with a 3 and a 3 point play.  CDH takes time and goes 1-3-1 for the last 6:48 of the half.  Woodbury doesn't have an answer for it.  Meanwhile Oturu scores inside and then dunks a putback as the Raiders regain the lead.  Oturu adds a late post hoop.  CDH takes a 31-26 lead to the break as they finish the half on a 16-5 run.  That was mostly thanks to the 1-3-1.  Only Woodbury points in that run were off bonus free throws and offensive rebounds.

CDH stays 1-3-1 to start the 2nd half.  Ammons with a steal for a hoop, Perry with a high low post bucket from Oturu and a nice slice cut by CDH for a layup.  The total CDH run is 23-7 over 10 minutes spanning halftime.  CDH nicely attacking the rim and Perry just bullies his defender for a 3 point play at the 12:28 mark.  45-34 CDH as they take a timeout with 12:28 left.  CDH gets out of the zone in a bit of a surprise  After an Oturu post dunk, Jake West makes 2 free throws and Thilgen hits a 3.  Bad shot from CDH and West converts a 3 point play.  CDH takes a timeout and goes back to the 1-3-1 with 9 minutes left.  But a skip pass finds Thilgen for another bomb.   Game on folks as the CDH lead is down to 52-50 with 8:30 to play.

Oturu dunks again and Perry drives again.  But another Woodbury offensive board leads to a Coddon 3.  Then Coddon with bonus free throws as Perry picks up his 4th foul with 7:25 left.  56-55 CDH hanging on.  6 in row from CDH with Oturu ending it but West has another 3 point play as CDH is back to man.  Then its that man Thilgen from deep again.  63-61 CDH with 4:15 to go and Woodbury isn't going away.  That last 3 was after Oturu got mugged trying to grab a defensive board and no call.  Perry back in with 3:25 left.  Coddon scored off the glass just before that and after a stop he makes 2 free throws to tie it at 65 with 2:45 left.  Would have loved to see Woodbury go back to the 2-3 zone here but maybe you give up the last shot that way.  After a CDH hoop, Woodbury has the ball all over the place in a total scramble.  They miss 2 chances inside before Collin Flanagan cleans up the mess with 1:16 left.  67 all.

Then its Oturu inside and while there was lots of ball, I thought he really got hit down below and no call.  1 minute left and Woodbury has it.  But in the spread, CDH gets fortunate reach around tip for a turnover.  They take their last timeout with 14.6 left and the ball in the front court.  Out of the timeout, they'll hold until 10.  Another chance where the 2-3 zone might have been a thought.  Then its Perry with a far too easy catch on the right elbow.  He goes strong but his shot is too hard off the board but its Oturu up and over the top to tip it with about 4 seconds left.  The clock runs out on Woodbury from there.  Cretin-Derham Hall wins 69-67

Post Game
Woodbury falls to 4-2 overall and 1-1 in the Suburban East.  Jeremiah Coddon with 15 of his 19 in the 2nd half to lead the Royals.  He had 3 of his 4 3s in the 2nd half.  Ike Thilgen with 5 bombs off the bench for 15 points.  Woodbury has some nice young pieces for their dribble drive look with Jake West, Jeremiah Coddon and Michael Jones all coming back next year.  Once they got behind after their initial lead they never got back to the 2-3 zone.  I think that's something that we may see more of in the next meeting.  CDH only made the 1 3 all night.  Woodbury has a non-conference game at Kennedy on Saturday.  Then they have a trip to Forest Lake and White Bear Lake at home in Suburban East play next week.

Daniel Oturu with 19 points, 8 rebounds and 5 blocks on my sheet to lead Cretin-Derham Hall.  That included a pair of impressive 2nd half blocks where he absolutely smothered the shot in the shooters hand.  Still a large upside for him.  His early blocks kept Woodbury from attack the rim for the better part of the game.  Jordan Ammons with 17 and Chris Perry with 12.  Perry was in foul trouble but really attacked the rim hard.  CDH going very young with 5 sophomores and 2 juniors in the rotation.  They're still super athletic even with Jalan Ousley-Brown no longer on the roster.  The lack of rebounding in man and zone defense plus the lack of energy with their athletes in the 1-3-1 has to really disturb coach Jerry Kline.  With their athletes, they could play a really nasty 1-3-1.  But they didn't press or trap which shocked me.  For a roster that doesn't shoot it that well and is that athletic, I'd take a really hard look at it.  Outside of Oturu in the post, finding consistent scoring could be an issue for them if you keep them out of the paint.  Cretin-Derham Hall improves to 3-0 overall and 1-0 in the Suburban East.  They host Roseville on Thursday and then play at Minnetonka in the Breakdown Tip-Off Classic late game against the hosts.

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