Battle of Titans in the Metro East

Off to Tartan for their home showdown with Mahtomedi in Metro East action.  These teams came in as 2 of the 4 undefeated teams in league play.  Both with only 1 loss overall.  Quality Tartan student section on hand.  Pepsi quenches the thirst of this one.  The winner to take an early inside track in conference play.

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Number of Teams I've Seen: 68 (25 courts, 2 new, 1 TV game)

Beverage Ticker: 212 ounces (1640 calories) + 4 liters (250 calories)
30 days (25 possible game days), 39 games, 2 scrimmages added on, includes 1 TV replay

  • Pepsi: 84 ounces (1050 Calories) + 500 ml (210 Calories)
  • Dr Pepper: 36 ounces (450 Calories)
  • Sprite: 12 ounces (140 Calories)
  • Water: 3 Liters + 80 ounces (0 Calories)
  • Gatorade: 500 ml (40 Calories)
Hot Dog Ticker: 4
Pizza Ticker: 7
Walking Taco Ticker: 4

Game Time:
Noah Wahlen starts with 5 for Tartan countered with 5 from Shayne Frost.  Jordan Horn with a steal for 2 and a pick and roll triple and he pulls the trigger again from deep.  Elijah Johnson had the task of guarding Mahtomedi star Parker Fox.  He converts a turnover into points and scores inside.  Wahlen in transition with another bomb and that forces a 2nd Mahtomedi timeout.  The Tartan run is 20-4 in just about 7 minutes.  25-9 Tartan in control with defensive intensity.  Fox was hounded all night but he gets his offense going with a drive for 2 and an NBA 3.  Then a 2 handed smash off a turnover, get out of my way (I had a Tom Chambers flashback, though Jordan Horn didn't want to be Mark Jackson).  He adds 3 of 4 free throws to finish the half.  Tartan 33-21 at the half. 

Fox also very active on the offensive glass.  He puts back 2 misses and then a nice step thru up and under from the right elbow for 2 moreTartan lead down to 8 with 13:45 left.  The teams trade hoops before Mahtomedi goes to Fox and 4 bench guys.  Whalen hits a 3 and you wonder if the game might get out of hand.  But its Lincoln Rock for 3 and Joe Rock with a steal for 2 and a putback.  Starters come back just before 8 left and its 44-38 Tartan so the bench scenario doesn't hurt the Zephyrs.  Kingston Myles with a strong drive for a 3 point play to push the lead to 9 with 8 minutes left. 

A kick out finds Frost for 3 and then he runs the floor and takes the challenge at the rim for a 3 point play.  That cuts the Tartan lead to 47-44 with 6:22 left and the Titans need a timeout.  That means its time for Jordan Horn.  He comes out with a 3 point play.  Jarvis Thomas blocks fox and Horn makes a free throw.   Horn adds 2 more free throws with 4:17 left to keep the lead at 6.  Lucas Buller to the rack and then a Tartan turnover gives Mahtomedi a chance to get within 2.  But the Zepyhrs miss 2 chances.  Tartan misses 2 free throws and Mahtomedi misses with 2 minutes left.  Horn drives and finds Thomas who goes up for a nasty dunk and is fouled.  He makes 1 of 2.  Mahtomedi ball down 5 with 1:42 left and they turn it over.  Horn makes 3-4 free throws to stretch the lead.  Thomas with a nasty follow dunk in the last 12 seconds is icing on the cake.  Tartan wins 61-49.
Post Game
Parker Fox leads Mahtomedi with 19 points along with 11 rebounds on my sheet.  Very active on the offensive glass.  He has enough range where you have to go out and play him, but enough handle to get to the rim.  He's then athletic enough to put you on a poster.  Shayne Frost adds 17.  Tartan decided to hug Fox all night so Mahtomedi was able to get Frost loose in the lane via Fox setting ball screens and his defender not leaving him.  Lucas Buller held to only 2 points.  Mahtomedi now 5-2 overall and they fall to 3-1 in the Metro East.  They are at #9AAA Totino-Grace on Tuesday before playing in the 1st session of the Bethel Holiday Tournament.

Jordan Horn finishes with 19 points, 9 in the last 6 minutes.  Jarvis Thomas 8 points with the rim rattling follow late.  He also had 16 rebounds and 6 blocks on my sheet.  A major factor patrolling the paint.  Noah Whalen 13 points with 3 3s.  Elijah Johnson 11 points in addition to the good matchup guarding Fox.  He's 6'4" athletic with very quick feet on defense and respectable on offense.  Johnson is one of the toughest matchups Fox will go against all season and its a great head-head battle.  Both are great fits in the Tartan lineup.  Tartan is now 7-1 and they lead the Metro East at 4-0.  They are at Roosevelt on Tuesday before hosting their annual holiday tournament.

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  1. Great article. Very well done. I especially enjoyed all the stuff about Pepsi and walking tacos.

    "Noah Wahlen starts with 5 for Tartan countered with 5 from Shayne Frost. Jordan Horn with a steal for 2 and a pick and roll triple and he pulls the trigger again from deep."


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