2015 Johnson Winter Showcase Day 1

To St. Paul Johnson for the 1st night out of 4 showcase nights over the next 2 weekends.  A great doubleheader quality teams from Texas and Wisconsin making an appearance.  A standard though pricey walking taco is quality food.  Plus a can of Pepsi to wash it down.  Not the big crowd you would have liked to see for this one and a fairly spare Johnson crowd for the late game.

Song of the Day
Dire Straits - Money for Nothing

Number of Teams I've Seen: 50 (18 courts, 2 new, 1 TV game)

Beverage Ticker: 84 ounces (940 calories) + 1 liter (250 calories) + 3 liters (0 calories) + 60 oz (0 calories.
23 days (19 possible game days), 27 games, 2 scrimmages added on, includes 1 TV replay

  • Pepsi: 48 ounces (600 Calories) + 500 ml (210 Calories)
  • Dr Pepper: 24 ounces (300 Calories)
  • Sprite: 12 ounces (140 Calories)
  • Water: 3 Liters + 60 ounces (0 Calories)
  • Gatorade: 500 ml (40 Calories)
Hot Dog Ticker: 4
Pizza Ticker: 6
Walking Taco Ticker: 4

Game 1: #8 Atascocita (TX) vs #1AAA De La Salle
That #8 ranking is the Eagles national ranking this week in the USA Today human poll (the computer has them 2nd).  Story of this one was Eagles center Fabian White.  He scores 14 in the first half.  Goanar Mar spent the last 8:31 of the 1st half on the bench with 2 fouls.  DLS up 16-14 just after that.  Purdue commit Carsen Edwards was cold for the 1st 3 quarters of the game, but 2 hoops and a dunk plus nice post spin from White put the Eagles back on top.  De La Salle rallies late in the half to close the gap to 30-28 at the break.

White in the post for 2, a tip dunk and he runs the floor for another dunk to start the half and adds another inside hoop.  Kalscheur and then Mar with 2 3s and DLS is up 42-41 with 11:20 to play.  White inside for 2 more and Kalscheur has to sit with his 4th foul at the 10:29 mark.  White then with the nice assist out of the post for a layup.  Mar carrying the Islander offense with 4 straight free throws and DLS hanging on 46-45.  Edwards started the night 3-16 from the floor on my sheet (made 1st so 2 of 15 stretch and both were bunnies).  Then he heats up with 2 quick 3s and he adds an assist.  That forces Kalscheur to come back in with 6:58 left down 6.  White gets a long rest with 3 fouls.  He returns at the 6:04 mark and immediately puts back a miss.  Then Edwards finds him for a dunk, Edwards spins for 2 and White scores in the post as DLS has no answer for him.  Its a 16-2 run over 4:30.  61-48 Atascocita leads with 3:55 left.  Its elementary from there.  Atascocita wins 67-54. 

Center Fabian White (Houston offer and Tubby Smith interest per Rivals) has been huge this year and tonight was no exception.  His monster night is 30 points and double digit boards.  Carsen Edwards finishes with 19 after the ice cold start, but still only 7-21 from the floor on my sheet.  But made 4 of last 5 and 3 assists all in the last 9 minutes.  Clutch.  Florida International commit Greg Shead surprisingly quiet with 1 free throw.  They improve to 15-0 

Game 2: #3 D1 Milwaukee King at St. Paul Johnson
King featuring 2017 Michigan commit Jordan Poole at a guard spot.  He smoothly knocks down a pair of triples and finds Virshon Cotton for a pair of 3s.  King jumps out 24-9 midway through the 1st half.  Now this is the least talented Johnson squad I've seen in a while.  But they play tough and cut the lead down to 7 at the 6:21 mark thanks to a pair of free throws.  Cotton adds 2 free throws and 2 layups in the last 45 seconds of the half to blow the lead out to 46-29.

But Johnson won't go away just like in past years.  Savion Benton all over the offensive glass and pounding people in the lane.  Poole gets a super long rest in the 2nd half and sits thru the Johnson rally.  I had him for 3 fouls during that time but it played out like he had 4.  King spreads the floor in the last 5-6 minutes but plays more passive.  The lead gets all the way down to 5 with 6:23 left.  Poole returns and in the spread floor makes an easy assist for him.  King closes it out to win 73-65.  Virshon Cotton with 21 points to lead King.  Jordan Poole 12 points in a quiet night for him.  Savion Benton 11, Carlin Clarke 12 for Johnson.

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