2009 AAU District Championship 15U Predictions

Predictions for the 2009 15U AAU District Championships

5 playin games here. The 2 43 Hoops teams take on each other. The Daniels squad is a little beat up and Gameli's team took a beating from Pump N Run last weekend. Best game of the playins, give me the Daniels squad thanks to the year age difference. Pump N Run over TC Elite White, Howard Pulley White over Fury, Comets Blue over TC Elite Green and MN Heat Elite over TC Elite Black.

Quarters: I think the Suns are vulnerable in the game vs 43 Hoops. They didn't impress me last weekend despite a 3-0 record. Good matchup of guards with Darian Pittman against the slew of guards that coach Daniels has in Maleek McHenry (brother of Angelo Johnson if I recall correctly), Marcus Marshall and Tommy McDermott. I'll take the upset here.

Pump N Run vs Howard Pulley White. Intense game here that should be close. I'll take Pump N Run. Magic Elite vs Comets Elite should be a very fun game as well. Southside vs Heat shapes up to be a nice game as well. I'll take Magic and Southside to play each other in the bottom half.

Semis: 43 Hoops Daniels vs Pump N Run and Southside vs Magic. Bright and early 8:15 Sunday morning too, yuck. Note to congress, I'd prefer noon but I'd take 9 AM as law that no basketball should be played before that time. Both of those games should be outstanding. Joey King too much and Southside moves on. Pump N Run will have to deal with the size of 43 Hoops. 43 Hoops has been up and down and Pump N Run played well last weekend, I'll take PNR here with either end result not being a surprise.

Final: Southside took it to Pump N Run last weekend. No good matchup for Pump N Run against Joey King. Southside wins the title. But PNR has 2 or 3 wins over Southside, don't be surprised if they win it. (OK, it sounds like the season series may be a 1-1 split)


  1. I think the suns will do good this week with Marcus Tyus #23 and Darien Pittman#13 leading the way with the gaurds.

  2. I think Marcus Tyus from anoka high is very quick with the ball and very quick on the defence of end on the floor he is a kid to look at for.I think he should be a prospect.


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