2009 AAU District Championship 17U Predictions

To the fun, here's my thoughts on each bracket

Give me Comets-Seevers over Heat Select in the 7-10 game. The 8-9 game is the "We get no respect game" for the honor of playing the top seeded Comets-Hanson team. I'll take TC Elite but I won't be surprised if Triple Threat wins.

In the quarters, Comets Hanson takes out the 8-9 winner and Fury Elite takes out the 7-10 winner (Fury handled the Comets-Seevers club surprisingly easily last Saturday).

Most likely upset is in the 3-6 game with TNL vs Heat Elite. I like TNL here but a big game from Ryan Duxbury in the post would make this one very interesting. As always pace is huge here. A fast pace favors TNL, slow pace should allow Duxbury touches and favor the Heat.

The 4-5 game with the Pump N Run 16s vs Mpls Redhawks should be dynamite. PNR defeated the Redhawks at the Comets tourney. PNR without Eric Robertson in that one and I think the Redhawks were shorthanded. PNR has enough big bodies to defend Taylor Hanson. I look for Kyle Noreen to get the main task of defending Parker Hines. The Redhawks will run and PNR's size can cause them problems in transition defense. Keep an eye on that as well. Interesting that the 43 Hoops 16U-Carr team beat the Redhawks by 3 in the MN Select tourney championship game. Would the score of this game mean anything to those of us who do polls?

Semifinals: I'll take Comets Elite-Hanson and Fury Elite. I think those 2 teams have separated themselves from the rest of the pack.

Championship: Should be a classic. Will Mike Johnson get more time in an effort to better defend Dajon Newell or do they throw a group of guys like Tengwall and Riewer at him? I think the Comets matchup well in this one with a guy like Alex Hanks to guard LeDarian Horton and/or Danny Geiger. Bucholz and Kornbaum matchup against Casey and Wensmann. Taylor Filipek vs Yuriy Maleshenko would be fun to see. I'll take the Comets to win.

Give me Magic Blue over Old Skool and Glory over River City in the playin games.
Quarters: MSB over Magic Blue, Comets North over Comets Blue (northern bragging rights), Fury Gold over WOTN, Magic Black over Glory in an interesting game.
Semis: Magic Black over Fury Gold, MSB over Comets North
Championship: Magic Black over MSB

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