Summer is the time for camping

Ah June, today marks 6 months from the true opening night of the 2009-2010 season (Friday December 4th, yes I'm counting). June is a month for summer leagues and kids getting a shot to blow up at elite camps. 2 things that I know absolutely nothing about so I took the opportunity to go over to 43 Hoops last night and take a look at their college league.

Al Harris had his top 17U team (sans Jordan Reetz) taking on St. Olaf with guys I should probably recognize but I only knew former Kennedy star Alfred Jaryan. St. Olaf hangs on for the win 64-61 if I recall correctly. You can really see the physical difference between the college kids and the high school kids. Good challenge for the 17s though. Nice to see Brett Ervin back and considering he's not in 100% game shape yet, I liked what he did for them especially giving them some kind of presence in the post. He hasn't been in a tournament yet but it looks like his return will be a big factor for that club in July.

Got to see Zach Towle with a team in the late game. Not to mention Maurice Hernandez and Isaiah Thomas playing with their Concordia team. Thomas with a high toss and sick reverse dunk during warmups. You can tell they're freshmen but its nice to see them start getting acclimated. Also must have been nice for the refs as its a laid back atmosphere where the fans really don't get on them.

Since I mentioned camping, here's some notes on kids going to camps this month.

Pump N Run
Kevin Noreen - Marquette and a Virginia, Virginia Tech, VCU swing and possibly Gonzaga
Other Pump N Run guys - Iowa State I think will have guys like Dyami Starks, Mike Rostampour, Jake Kreuser.
Steve Tecker - Colorado State and Portland

43 Hoops
Jordan Reetz and Brett Ervin - Northern Iowa
Vinard Birch - Drake

Net Gain
Chanse Creekmur - Marquette and Gonzaga
DJ Peterson - Santa Clara and Marquette
Cole Stefan - Washington State and Gonzaga
Joe Hanstad - Gonzaga (just coming off a stress fracture in his ankle which has kept him out all spring)
Tor Anderson - Montana State

Howard Pulley and the rest of the teams out there
I don't know of any, but if anybody wants to fill in I'll add to this list.

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