2009 AAU District Championship 16U Predictions

16U predictions for the AAU District Championships.

I'll take Team Minnesota and Magic Elite to win the 2 playin games.

Quarters: Team Minnesota Elite would then get another shot at Glory who got out with a 44-42 win last weekend on a last second putback. I'll take Team Minnesota in that one to knock out the "#1 seed" Glory.

Comets Elite to take out Magic Elite in the 2 vs 7 quarter. Comets Elite are just too much.

Heat Elite take out Fury Gold but they better show up as Fury Gold is dangerous.

Once again I love the 4 vs 5 game. MN Wrath vs Wear Out The Net. Expect a low scoring struggle and I think that favors the Wrath. But WOTN does have an interior advantage. A big game from Spencer Pankonin would go a long way.

Semis: I'll take the Wrath again over Team Minnesota. This seems like a bad matchup for Team Minnesota as I think the Wrath control pace and frustrate TM. Heat Elite vs Comets Elite sets up to be a huge rematch of a great semifinal game in St. Cloud to start the spring season. I think the Comets Elite are too deep and too big. But if the Heat hold down Simon Krych and Bryan Reeves, then their perimeter trio of the Preiner twins (I need to see that duct tape again) and Rob Daul can put them over the top.

Final: Comets Elite over MN Wrath. Wrath will try to make a game of it, but will run out of gas down the stretch.

Magic Red over Comets White in the playin game.
Quarters: 43 Hoops over the playin winner in a rout, TC Elite over Old Skool, SW MN Heat over Central Flyers, Fury Blue over Magic Blue.
Semis: 43 Hoops over TC Elite in a rematch from the Select tournament, SW MN Heat over Fury Blue
Final: 43 Hoops wins big over SW MN Heat.

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