Everybody to the Lake?

John Millea's blog today has all 4 of the remaining Classic Lake schools being assigned to the Lake. Last Monday, each of the schools had an opportunity to present its case for where they wanted to play. Could this be a pre-emptive strike to put 16 in the Lake and then they split into 8 and 8 on the their own? I still don't get why Chaska and Chanhassen want to go to the Missota only to outgrown that league down the road, especially when Chaska has already been there and done that. The NW Suburban and the N Suburban still make no sense with 11 each. Cooper needs to get out out the N Suburban in a bad way.

A reminder that the realignment plans I put together in August 2007 (which I still think make more sense than anything I've heard so far) can be found at these links.

AAAA Realignment here

Remainder of the realignment plan here

Read John Millea's full update here.

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