A and AA Finals semifinal thoughts

WOW, what an ending to the New London-Spicer/Maple River game. The putback on 1 end to get the lead and then the block on the other end to win it by the same kid. The NLS vs Crosby-Ironton game should be terrific. Great season for St. Bernard's with all 3 losses very tough ones. Jordair Jett is one of my must see seniors next year.

Ellsworth getting it done, Cody Schilling with 30 more points to raise the career total to 3397. Useless factoid here, that total surpasses the 3391 of Wisconsin's all time leader Anthony Pieper (8 minute quarters and 20 game regular seasons). Pieper is more than 650 points ahead of the 2nd place guy who set the record in the 70s. So unlike the Minnesota record, don't expect the Wisconsin record to fall anytime soon. You can follow the record for the next couple of seasons as I've added the Kevin Noreen tracker to the right side of the page.

Speaking of Minnesota Transitions, can't say enough about Virgil Baker. After a big section tournament (22 vs New Life, 25 vs CHOF in the semis and 27 vs MCA in the 4A title game), 20 points yesterday vs JWP and 26 today. He's really the difference maker for them. But 7 of 11 3s and 23 points for Kyle Noreen is what killed Cass Lake-Bena. To continue beating the already dead stable of horses, there's no good reason for him to get those cheap points. You cannot allow a standstill shooter to shoot. CLB gets beat by 10 and Kyle has 23. If I were coach Ninham, I'd lose sleep over that. I'll be totally shocked and dumbfounded if Kyle comes close to that vs Ellsworth in the title game.

Nice battle of seniors and sophs in the Class A title game. Baker vs Schilling outside, Kevin Noreen vs Trevor Gruis inside. Not to mention the irony of the career scoring title. MTS plays well from in front, but I'll be watching to see if Ellsworth puts Schilling in the middle of the MTS zone and picks it apart early forcing MTS to adjust and play from behind. Regardless of the outcome, hopefully the MTS fan base will give Kevin Noreen his due after the game. At the section final, you could hear crickets when his name was called to receive his medal. I've never heard a team's star get a smaller reaction.


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  2. You gotta love the way MTS is growing as a team. Also (to blow my own horn) I think MTS is the first Metro school to make the class A championship game since CHOF did it in '01. I think Bernards, between bouncing between classes, finished 3rd in class A.

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