Royce White to Hopkins is now officially being reported

The Star Trib is reporting that Royce White has moved to the Hopkins district and will enroll there this week. Wow, the last thing Hopkins needed is another stud. Look at this lineup for next season

Mike Broghammer
Royce White
Raymond Cowles
Trent Lockett
Marcus Williams

All 5 seniors, all at least mid-major D1 recruits with top 100 studs Lockett and White

Then the following on the bench
DJ Peterson (jr)
Marvin Singleton (soph)
Moses Sundufu (I may be spelling that wrong, senior)
Aaron Anderson (junior)
Siyani Chambers (freshman)

That's just sick and wrong. That's a serious top 15 or so nationally ranked team. I think its deeper and better than the Dan Coleman, Darren Clarke, Kris Humphries, Mitch Henke team which is really scary.

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