Thoughts from the AAA and AAAA semis

I sum up the early game for Henry in 1 word, embarrassment. I talked about their defensive issues during the season and sure enough it came to a head tonight. They give up the Twin Cities game record in their previous loss and tonight they give up 100 after being down 29-3 in 7 and half minutes. Granted BSM was hot and played extremely well, but layups are still layups. Sophomore Jordan Hughes is a star in the making for Henry, but he showed he still can make major strides on the defensive end.

I predicted a defensive struggle in the STA/Willmar game and that's what we got. STA's defense gets it done in the 2nd half of the late game. Willmar also not good from the FT line in the 2nd half. No surprise that STA goes as their 3 go in. Funny to hear Dave Lee talk so much about the MTS/CLB game tomorrow. He joked about 4 corners in that game. I can't wait until he sees the MTS set with Kevin Noreen at the FT line and 4 guys wide. Research guys. These teams will score, but I don't expect more than 90 on either side. Something in the 70s is probably more like it. But it will be entertaining.

Tonka rolls in the 1st AAAA semi, no surprise there. They get the rematch with Sibley who gave up a big 2nd half run to let Cooper tie it (a big lob dunk for Rodney Williams included, must see on tape). But Williams got a T in the 2nd half which allowed Sibley to go on a run and they seal the deal late to win easily.

In AA, that CI vs SB game is one I'm really looking forward to. Bryce Tesdahl vs Jordair Jett, fantastic. I'm guessing SB will try Averey Duncan on Tesdahl.


  1. "I talked about their defensive issues during the season and sure enough it came to a head tonight."

    "I predicted a defensive struggle in the STA/Willmar game and that's what we got."

    "I thought the Casey Sussenguth bucket was no good live and sure enough"

    "A defensive struggle as I thought it would be."

    You sure are proud of yourself.

    The only thing missing is the third person.

    Tone it down buddy, people reading dont need you telling them how smart you are all the time.

  2. That's what I get for not being a writer. The intent was to express that I wasn't that surprised by the results which isn't necessarily a bad statement. I make enough mistakes here (like thinking the Henry/BSM game would be competitive) that tooting my own horn isn't worth it. I can see where it didn't come across that way.

  3. I didn't know until today that Dave Johnson was the coach who replaced Kurt Pauly. Dave has an established history of coaching with teams like Benilde, Maranatha and Columbia Heights.

  4. Hey did you know Kyle Noreen was a Freshman?

  5. Yep, I'm told Kyle in the summer is much more than the standstill shooter he represents in the season. It'll be fun to watch him develop too.

  6. Czar,

    Don't apologize to the one timers of the world who don't add anything to the mix except negativity. You have more cred than most others combined.

  7. I was just so sick that the announcer mentioned Kyle was a freshman every 30 seconds

  8. The Czar thanks you WatchinHoops, obviously the critic was a 1 timer. Otherwise, that person would have noticed the 3rd person references in The Czar's section coverage (ex: The Czar goes 42-10). Note to self, the 3rd person stuff is pretty fun, must do more of it.

    QOB, thanks for the clarification on Kyle, I have the game on tape but haven't watched it yet.

  9. Qob appreciates that the Czar really doesn't take himself too seriously. Qob understands that using the 3rd person is reserved for really important people like Qob and the Czar.


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