Seeding the brackets

Here's how I'd seed the AAAA and AAA brackets.

1) Minnetonka
2) Sibley
3) St. Cloud Tech
4) Rochester Mayo
5) Cooper
6) Kennedy
7) Burnsville
8) Cambridge-Isanti

1 and 2 seem pretty straight forward and Cambridge is an easy pick for #8, I would not want to draw any of the teams I listed 3-7. Tech and Mayo have been around #5 in the polls the 2nd half of the year, Cooper and Kennedy on the fringes of the poll. Cooper ahead of Kennedy because of head-head win in the Edina Christmas tourney. Kennedy ahead of Burnsville due to 2 head-head wins.

AAA, this was tougher

1) Benilde-St. Margaret's
2) Willmar
3) St. Michael-Albertville
4) St. Thomas Academy
5) Minneapolis Henry
6) Como Park
7) Little Falls
8) Grand Rapids

BSM was easy at #1, I struggled with 2-4. Those could go in any order. Henry had to be #5 because of their record, but nobody will want to see them in round 1 and it wouldn't shock me to see them make a big run. Little Falls and Grand Rapids was a coin flip for the last 2 spots which left Como Park at #6.


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  2. How would you guys seed AA and A if you where the decider? that's an interesting discussion. I am not thrilled with the Bertha-Cass Lake matchup in the first round.

  3. The media and establishment are partial to the big school classes. They should have applied this experiment throughout all the classes!!!

  4. Andre...don't cheer against us too hard. I'm a jerk but they really are a great group of guys. :)

    Tom Dasovich

  5. HA! Thanks for reading coach. Congrats on winning a very tough section and good luck at state.

  6. I apologize for my comment. You definitely earned a trip to the big dance. Your guys are a great bunch.

    It's just that I am pulling for Tonka to take it all.


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