Breck vs St. Bernard's Observations (Section 4AA Final)

The St. Bernard's fans have taken up most of the building and with Breck on spring break this week, they basically have no students in attendance. Breck 11-3 in their last 14 and playing well and they gave SB a game early in the year. Would this game be close or another blowout like last year's Holy Family/St. Croix Lutheran final?

Breck opens up in a 2-3 zone to try and combat the athleticism of SB. After Dakota Tidd makes it 4-3 with a sweet post move on John Bright at 15:30, Peter Morrissey and Brian Sandifer hit 3s and its 12-5 SB with 13:30 to go in the half. John Bright gets a layup, Jordair Jett drains a 3 ball and Averey Duncan makes 2 FTs to make it 23-9 at 10:06. Tidd gets another 2 on the block, Thomas Smolenski gets a steal and layup to pull Breck within 23-13 with 9:10 left in the half. Averey Duncan goes strong from the short corner and then gets a layup from Morrissey and the lead is 35-20 with 3:30 left in the half. Vargas gets a late bucket but Duncan gets a bucket and then Morrissey beats the buzzer after a Breck turnover. SB goes to the break up 43-26.

Averey Duncan with 12, John Bright with 8, Jordair Jett with 5. Blake Johnson leads Breck with 5. After a Smolenski 3 starts the half, the rest of the 2nd half is a total beatdown by SB. Breck gets outscored 39-12 over the next 11 minutes and its 82-41 Bulldogs with 6:50 to play. Smolenski gets a picture perfect layup from Tidd on a perfect backcut on the next Breck possession and that may be their highlight of the night. This game is the same beatdown as last year, in fact its worse. St. Bernard's rolls 96-60.

Everybody in the book for the Bulldogs. Jordair Jett with 20, Averey Duncan with 19. They advance to state to play the winner of La Crescent/Stewartville at Mariucci Arena, 10 AM next Wednesday. Breck finishes 19-11 and loses most of their rotation. They do return Blake Johnson and John Baker so Coach Woods has a couple of pieces to work with next year.


  1. Probably a good thing that I didn't stay for this one.

  2. Just a side note, that "sweet play" between Tiddy & Smo was Smolenski's 1000th point.

    Too bad Breck wasn't in this one. When they're challenged, they seem to forget the inside game. St Bernard's could do no wrong and Jett is one smooth player. Look forward to seeing them take the championship.

    -Nana T

  3. 1000th point in a 40 pt loss. Big whooperdoodle.


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