MN Transitions vs Ellsworth thoughts (Class A Championship)

Interesting that MTS started out in a diamond and 1 on Cody Schilling doubling him on every touch. Nice job by Schilling against that to get a backdoor layup @12:45 to give Ellsworth a 10-2 lead. MTS really cold in the half with 0-9 3s, 28% shooting and the most telling number for me, no assists. 29-19 Ellsworth at the break thanks only to Virgil Baker's 12 points. Cody Schilling doing a nice job on Kevin Noreen. Kyle Noreen with 0 3 pt attempts and 1 of 2 on drives to the bucket for 2 points. That's how you defend him. Huge props to Coach Okeson for that. Ellsworth doing a nice job of being unselfish and cutting up the MTS zone defense. Cody Schilling with 7 points. I was shocked at halftime to hear coach Sherman say he was happy with their defense. The defense reminded me of the Minnehaha game. Dave Lee said that he didn't think MTS got held down like that before, the Minnehaha game was an example (without 2 normal MTS starters). Also Dave, MTS plays their games at Green Central Park (former Minneapolis Central HS).

MTS comes out man in the 2nd half. But it doesn't matter as Cody Schilling carves it up with side pick and roll. Schilling starts the half with a cut for 2 and then gets an assist for a layup. He then finishes a run with a drive for 2 and another assist to Trevor Gruis. 44-25 Ellsworth with 12 minutes left, Ellsworth with 11 assists, MTS with none. Kevin Noreen came out much more aggressive in the 2nd half but its not keeping MTS in it. Kavarian Williams finally hits a 3 for MTS, their 1st of the day, with 11:40 left. Schilling controls the 2nd half and MTS tries to foul for the last 5 minutes (much to the disgust of many fans), but Ellsworth makes their FTs to win their 2nd straight Class A title, 81-63.

Virgil Baker with 34 for MTS, Kyle Noreen with only 6 FG attempts thanks to Adam Van Der Stoep. Kevin Noreen with 17, but many of them late as he only had 3 in the 1st half. Cody Schilling what a game. 31 pts, 10 rebounds, 7 assists on 9-19 shooting. He finishes his career with 3428 points and the all-time state assist leader. But he did a great job on Kevin Noreen in this game which shouldn't be overlooked. Trevor Gruis with a nice double-double (12 and 11) for Ellsworth before fouling out with 3:12 to go. MTS 5-28 from 3 in the game (started 1-18), not like the section final vs Maranatha where they hit 9 3s in the 1st half. Final assist total, 15-2 Ellsworth.

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  1. Unlike all other teams that played MTS, Ellsworth did their homework on Kyle Noreen. However, they had the benefit of studying film from all the previous games, whereas the other teams did not.


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