TV thoughts from the 5AAAA and 6AAAA finals

So I caught some of the Osseo/Cooper (5AAAA) and Tonka/Hopkins (6AAAA) games on TV, including both endings. Some quick thoughts as I may do full reports on these games during the summer.

5AAAA: Osseo looked lost on offense when Carrington Tankson wasn't going off. He had a big stretch early in the 2nd half and then brought them back at the end. Interesting that him and Sam Dower were on the bench in offense/defense situations. I wish Osseo would have figured out more ways to take advantage of their size by using Dower/Peterson together (that's a season observation not just this game). Give Tankson credit, he was clearly gassed but he was still getting it done. Cooper started 5 juniors in the game and new coach Dave Johnson (who looks like a bald version of the wacky scientist from the Simpsons) deserves tons of credit for the job he did. Cooper had a really tough time down the stretch taking care of the ball which is why Osseo got back in it and frankly only Rodney Williams spectacular block of Tankson at the end saved them.

6AAAA: I was really surprised to see Hopkins lose based on turnovers, offensive rebounds and lack of execution. Losing Broghammer obviously hurt in the rebounding area. With 2:30 to go their up 5 with the ball and Raymond Cowles takes a 3 from the corner. It was open and went in and out, but that's a bad shot. I don't care how good a shooter he is, points are secondary there. Time is more important. On the ensuing possession, Andy Burns is left wide open for 3 and they give up the offense rebound to Kyle Risinger (who made 1 heck of a 1 handed effort on it). Lockett turns it over by just losing it and the foul he was called for on Tucker's layup should have been a no call. After Tucker's 2 FT to pull within 2, Cowles only makes 1 of 2 and then they leave Tucker on a sideline break which gets him to the rim for 2 more FTs. After a spectacular CJ Erickson block on Singleton, Tucker gets a long outlet from Burns and makes an absolutely sick headfake at the 3 point line to send Marcus Williams flying by at 10,000 feet (thank you for flying Tonka airlines) and he hits a runner to give them the lead. Cowles with an OK look at the end which Marvin Singleton out hustles Burns to and he makes the 2nd of 2 with 1.5 to go to send us to OT. Cowles hits a really clutch and quick catch and shoot 3 from Singleton for the lead with 47 seconds to play. CJ Erickson then hits an elbow jumper on a kickback from Risinger and then strips Cowles on the next possession. After Risinger hits the FTs with 7.5 to go, Hopkins knows what they want to run and Cowles gets a decent top of the key 3 look which goes off back iron for the Minnetonka 74-71 win. The North Metro TV guy goes nuts after being calm acting as if Chaminade had beaten Virginia. Didn't anybody tell him Minnetonka won at Hopkins just over 2 weeks ago?

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