Henry vs BSM 1st half thoughts

Wow, 56-27 BSM at the break. 18-3 after 4 minutes (Henry got the needed TV timeout), 29-3 after 7:30. 12-18 FGs for BSM, 1-11 for Henry at that point. Matt Thomas with 5 3s in the half and Jordan Taylor dominant again. Henry just miserable defensively as they got run out of the building by not getting back in that early stretch. Henry just spreading the floor looking for 3s, not really getting any good offense. With these performances, it'll be hard to vote against Jordan Taylor for Mr. Basketball. Nice to see the BSM MASH unit healthy and to see Jerry Sweezy back for Henry.

And would somebody please get into Rod Simons earpiece. New Prague got beat by St Thomas Academy, not Rochester Mayo and this is NOT a good game Rod, criminy. I've already focused my attention on the UNC/Wash St game with this game being timeout fare.

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  1. I saw a Jeff Bright on the roster for Patrick Henry. Is he related to Joe and John Bright? If so, that's an interesting set of brothers--all playing for different high school programs at the same time.


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