St. Agnes at DeLaSalle Observations

A chance to see St. Agnes for the 1st time tonight. They're very young with only 2 seniors in their top 8 and they have some athletes so they can be very good down the road. They have some long athletic kids on the JV squad too.

Soph star Jalen Jaspers has really started to come on lately averaging 14 pts a game over his last 4 games and looks like a go to player. He starts tonight's player references with a post up for 2 to tie it at 4 at 14:10. He hits a bank shot and Jeremy Randle has a steal for a layup to tie it at 10 with 12 minutes to go in the 1st half. Joe Costanzo with a couple inside buckets on the offensive glass during this time for SA. The other stud soph for DLS, Bryce Hawkins shows great hustle to track down a loose ball at half court and take it for a layup to give DLS a 14-10 lead at 10:45 to conclude an 8-0 DLS run. Talented junior Leevon Perry breaks the run with a bucket for St. Agnes. Randle with 2 and then Hawkins has another hustle layup to give DLS a 18-15 lead at 8:05. After a St. Agnes bucket inside of 8 minutes, Hawkins hits a FT line jumper, Jaspers gets a bucket, AJ Barker hits a jumper and DLS leads 24-17 with 5:30 to go in the half. Al Green hits a 3 to try and keep it close for the Aggies, but Hawkins gets 3 pt play down low at 2:26 to make it 30-20 DLS. After 2 Ray Goines FTs for SA, Jaspers goes strong from the corner and Jeremy Randle feeds AJ Barker for a J to end the half. 34-22 DLS leads. Great balance for DLS. Barker and Hawkins with 9, Jaspers with 8, Randle with 6. Perry has 6 to lead St. Agnes. The Al Green 3 is the only SA field goal in the last 7+ minutes of the half and no FGs in the last 5 minutes. DLS finishes the half 16-5 and 10-2 in the last 5 minutes.

Barker hits a 3 to start the half. Hawkins gets a bucket, and Jaspers a 3 pt play on an offensive rebound and the rout is on. 46-26 DLS with 14:17 to go. Green hits another 3 before a Jaspers bucket. Then Hawkins sets a totally moving cross-screen for Randle on an inbounds and rolls back to the ball for a layup at 11:30 and DLS is up 50-29. Jaspers with 2 FTs with 8:54 to go and its 54-31 DLS. Costanzo with a couple more inside buckets before Randle and Barker score to make it 58-35with 6:40 to go. Same score with 5:46 to go when DLS empties their bench. The bench lets SA make the score look respectable as Darry Jones gets all 11 of his points during garbage time, but no danger for the Islanders. DLS wins 62-51.

Besides Darry Jones' 11 irrelevant points, Al Green and Leevon Perry with 10 each for St. Agnes. They're a formidable 3 seed in section 4A and will give CHOF a good game next Thursday night at the SAL. CHOF won the 1st matchup 95-85 at St. Agnes on Dec 11th. Ray Goines with 22 for St. Agnes and Nick Butler with 31 to lead 5 CHOF players in double figures in that 1st matchup.

For DLS, AJ Barker and Jalen Jaspers with 15. Bryce Hawkins with 13 and Jeremy Randle with 10. Great balance and when they have it, they're still very dangerous. In the 2nd half, DLS ran a lot of set plays and a couple of new wrinkles instead of their motion. Hawkins is a bull in a china shop, but when him and Jaspers are on the floor, Hawkins has played outside which really limits him. But Jaspers gets in done down low so its a tough situation. But Jaspers has better perimeter skills so I'd like to see him outside and Hawkins in the post in that 4 out - 1 in scenario. Their 3 v 6 game at Orono on Tuesday should be a good game, especially with the Jeremy Randle layin with 3 seconds left in last year's tournament opener to knock Orono out at DLS still in the memory bank.


  1. Nice report! I am forwarding it to the CHOF coach.

  2. Very little there. But Agnes did play mostly man and tried some 1-2-2. They did try an interesting 2-3 offense where they'd enter to the wing, the high post would go low and the opposite wing would flash across. A high-low and blind pig action and then they got away from it and ran motion.


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