Como Park at Johnson observations

Biggest news of the night for me was no Darnell Cox on the roster for Johnson. So much for my thoughts of him playing against the big guy for Sioux City Heelan.

This game was ugly all the way around, bad offense and in the words of Bill Walton, would somebody please make a shot. Johnson gets out to an 11-5 lead at 11:00 min in the 1st half, CP gets a 19-18 lead inside 4 minutes and Johnson goes to the locker room up 25-22.

CP goes on a 9-0 run midway thru the 2nd half to take a 35-32 lead and they lead 39-36 with 8 minutes left, but Johnson goes 1-3-1 and CP has no answers. Dion Suggs hits a big 3 late to make it 44-39 and that's the dagger. CP only gets 1 Greg Morse layup in the last 8 minutes and Johnson wins 46-41.

Freshman Estan Tyler could turn out to be a very nice point guard for Johnson. Suprising amount of poise for a frosh. I've seen CP and Johnson twice and Central once and I fear Central the most. With Larry Brown and Dylan Hale, I think they'll get it done. It saddens me to say this but as disappointed as I am with Johnson, I still have to make them the favorite over Como Park in section 4AAA. Maybe Mahtomedi surprises here, but I can't pick anybody else in the section as Arlington is bad based on what I saw vs Roseville and the other teams don't have more than 2 wins.


  1. You shouldn't be disappointed in Johnson . They only have one bad lost . They got destroyed by Hopkins but Hopkins destroys most teams . Lost to Stillwater on a buzzer beater . Lost to Cretin by 4 at the Catholic Spirit Tourney . Lost to Wisconsin's #3 team in Wisconsin by 4 . The only bad lost was to Central at Central in a game they were up 7 with under 3 minutes . They are a young team . They only have one senoir who get real minutes . They start a freashman , a sophmore and their six man is a sophmore . They are tough now and will only get better .
    I love your blog . Keep up the good work .

  2. Thanks St. Paul. Agreed that they are extremely young and will challenge in the St. Paul City for the near future. My issue is their offense. How are they going to score? If their defense doesn't generate offense, they're in trouble again anybody. Now that's been true in the past too, but now they don't have the Walter Haynes, Freddy Coleman, Sammy Ricks players of years past to carry them.


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