HS athletics and social networking sites.

So much to my dismay, my alma mater is in the news as 30 La Crosse Central HS students were turned in to school officials for underage drinking via pictures from Facebook. Athletic suspensions will be handed down. We also recently had the same issue at Eden Prairie where some students were so upset with the punishment handed down they walked out in protest.

With the ability these days to doctor pictures or create them from thin air, how reliable are these pictures and should it matter where they came from (both the pics themselves and the person who turns them in)? We all know that kids are really vindictive and 1 scorned kid will find a way to get you somehow. I'm not supporting the behavior or the stupidity of kids who actually get caught on film, but to use this stuff the same way you would use information from parents or authorities seems a little sketchy to me. Will this lead to more schools snooping around on their own, they'll never admit to it, but I find it hard to believe that its never been done.

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