Eastview at Jefferson observations

While there were a bunch of good games on the schedule, I chose to take a look at Marcus Alipate of Jefferson. He had a nice JV game including tipping in a missed FT with 4 seconds left in the 2nd overtime for the win. That should have been the end of his night.

Jefferson plays 2-3 zone for most of the game and Eastview was very sloppy against it. Their only real offense against it was their set play Double Fist which they had to run at least 3 times to get Spencer Pratt looks. Alipate and Barmore combine for 24 in the half and Jefferson leads 31-23 at the break. The lead gets all the way to 41-27 with about 14 minutes left after a Moses Alipate 3 pts play. With 7 minutes left it's 49-38 and Jefferson has controlled the entire game. But 3 consecutive Jefferson turnovers result in a lob dunk and 3 pt play by Michael Grinnell with 2 Drew Johnson FTs and EV is back to 49-45 with 6:12 to go.

With turnovers being a problem at this point for Jefferson, coach Evens goes to his bench for Marcus Alipate. After passing on 1 good look, he buries a jumper from the left corner and then buries a deep 3 from near the top of the key for a 54-47 Jefferson lead with 4:47 to go and it appears they've weathered the storm. But Jefferson keeps turning the ball over and Eastview gets a 58-54 lead before a Moses Alipate 3 makes it 58-57 with 36.6 to go. Ethan Thomforde gets a free layup with 18 seconds left for 8 pts in this Eastview run. So Jefferson has the ball down 3 out of a timeout with 9.1 to go. They run a screen the screener flare for Aaron Barmore who gets a pretty good look but its no good. Eastview rebounds and hits the 2 FTs to seal a 62-57 win. Over the last 4:47, the only Jefferson bucket was the Moses Alipate 3. Eastview finishes that span on a 15-3 run and they win the last 7 minutes 24-8 thanks to defensive pressure.

Jefferson had Aaron Barmore bringing the ball up against Vinard Birch who's a quicker player and tough on-ball defender. I didn't like that move, but what other options were there instead of Marcus. Besides the Alipates and Barmore, I can understand why Jefferson isn't the contender in the Lake that I thought they would be. There's not much there. I'd bring Marcus up full time right now to play the point.

Speaking of young perimeter players, the Lake should be loaded with them next year.

Marcus Alipate-Jefferson
Charlie Baker and Jameson Parsons -Eagan
Brett Irvin - Eden Prairie
Devon Knopke - Burnsville

Not to mention returning stars Moses Alipate and Ethan Wragge.


  1. Was "Gardenhire" there?

  2. What do you guys think of sophmore gaurd Devon Knopke?

  3. What do you guys think of sophmore gaurd Devon Knopke?

  4. He played well in the game that the Basketblogger and I saw. Nice player and as stated I think he'll be one of many fun perimeter to watch in the Lake Conference over the next 2 years. Knopke should flourish in the uptempo style that Burnsville plays.


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