East Metro Showcase Schedule

One thing that's been hard to find is the schedule for the East Metro Showcase at St. Paul Johnson at the end of the month. Well, I got a chance to talk to Vern Simmons (Johnson coach) at the North vs Central game and here's the schedule that he confirmed with the teams this week. This promises to be another good set of games like last year and he plans on doing it every year. I'll be doing a full preview of the event right before the games.

Friday Jan 25
6 PM: Como Park vs Milwaukee, WI Marshall
8 PM: Sioux City, IA Heelan vs Johnson

Saturday Jan 26
1 PM: La Crosse, WI Aquinas vs Eastview
3 PM: Osseo vs Sioux City, IA Heelan
5 PM: Hope School (Milwaukee, WI) vs Little Wound, SD
7 PM: Johnson vs Milwaukee, WI Marshall

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