Greetings to readers, near and far

I never cease to be amazed by the number of people reading the site so a friendly hello to the following out state locations.

Hoboken and Princeton, NJ (Have to acknowledge Princeton with my affinity for the Princeton Offense)
New York, NY
Las Vegas, NV (sorry I don't have anything on Tartan for you for this weekend)
Paradise Valley, AZ
Ann Arbor, MI
Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA

And a friendly hello to the local high schools who read and the Star Tribune

Thanks for reading


  1. You sure do think highly of yourself all of a sudden

  2. There, now you have two posts. Maybe you should thank all of Russia, Japan, and Argentina for reading.

  3. Yikes, my apologies for not getting the memo that it wasn't OK to thank readers for reading. I'd thank you for reading but you didn't indicate where you're from. :)

  4. That thank you was all about you letting everyone else know that you have a few readers. A legit thank you comes privately, that was like bragging to others because a few more people showed up at your birthday party then you expected.

  5. I understand your position but I disagree on 3 accounts

    1) I don't have enough readers to brag about, but I'm grateful for the ones who do find it readable.

    2) There's nothing I've written that's worth bragging about.

    3) If I knew the exact people, I would thank them personally, but since I don't I can't. A post is the only method I have.

    The intent was noble, if you take it otherwise, you're entitled to that opinion.

  6. Keep up the great work. I subscribe to your blog and try to get to it regularly. As a Hawkeye fan, I always look forward to information on Anthony Tucker and Andrew Brommer. Sometimes it's tough being an Iowa fan in Minnesota, but there is some great BB in the cities.

    Thanks for all of the updates.

  7. Thank you storminspank. Go Hawks! As an FYI, look for my East Metro Showcase preview next week. Sioux City Heelan has the #9 Center in the Junior class nationally and he's verbally committed to Iowa (name escapes me at the moment) and they have 2 big games in the East Metro Showcase next weekend (Johnson and Osseo).

  8. Brendon Cougill. He is a great get for Iowa, as well.


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