MCA blitzes Heritage

My game of the night was Heritage at Maranatha which was suppossed to be a likely conference championship game. It turned out to not be that at all. Stu Herman got hot early and caused 2 MCA timeouts. At the 10 minute mark of the 1st half, Heritage leads 17-10 and it looks like we've got a game. Then MCA puts David Hanson on Stu Herman instead of Josh Hanson (Herman was already guarding David) and its lights out. Hanson and Tyler Campion get on the offensive glass and Heritage can't get a rebound. MCA outscores Heritage 32-13 the rest of the half to lead 42-30 at half. Stu Herman had 28 of Heritage's 30 pts. What a half. The 2nd half is all MCA as Heritage only gets 6 pts in the 1st 9 minutes of the half and none from Herman. David Hanson goes nuts on the offense end after 12 1st half points and MCA pulls away. Final score 84-54 MCA wins. David Hanson finishes with 20 rebounds and Tyler Campion had a big night as well.

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