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Nate Fiscus

CHOF making the trip to Brooklyn Center as I go to the NW metro for 2 (possibly 3) consecutive nights. Chris Carr on hand watching one of his stars, Freddie Young. Some nice folks from BC giving The Czar a warm welcome tonight. Thanks to them for stopping by and saying hello.

CHOF star Nate Fiscus tweaked his back earlier in the week and started the game in the locker room. With point guard Cole Piepkorn already out for the season with an ankle injury, the Lions can't afford an injury to Fiscus. Demarius Overton with 5 in a row as BC jumps out to quick a 7-0 lead 1:40 into the game. BC up 12-7 when Fiscus comes into the game at 10:43. CHOF with 9 turnovers already. Fiscus gets a couple of buckets to cut the BC lead to 16-15 at 7:20. After a Demetrius Anthony 3, Cody Sarbacker (Piepkorn's replacement) knocks down a pair of triples around a bucket for a personal 8-0 run that puts CHOF up 23-19 at 5:45. Freddie Young picks up his 2nd foul 17 seconds later and he sits for most of the rest of the half. CHOF taking care of the ball for now but the turnovers start up again. 31-27 before the end of the half. Fiscus puts back a miss and then freshman Mahari Wilson puts up a bad shot near the end of the half instead of playing for 1 shot. Sarbacker knocks down a 3 at the 1st half buzzer and that gives CHOF a 32-31 halftime lead. Sarbacker with 4 triples and 16 points in the half. Fiscus 8 pts and 6 rebounds. Overton with 7 for BC. CHOF with 14 turnovers on my sheet.

Freddie Young off to a quick 2nd half start. He finds Overton for a bucket, makes a free throw and then a 3 point play. BC by 7, 43-36 with 14:19 left. Donovan Schoenrock with back to back buckets to cut the BC lead to 3, but Young counters with a steal for 2. Frosh Tyler Strandlund (one of the best freshman I've seen all year) misses 2 free throws for CHOF. On the play Schoenrock picks up his 4th on a technical. Freddie Young makes the Ts for BC and then finds Antone Darrington for 3 on the possession and then drives and goes left handed for 2. 52-40 Centaurs at 11:20. After a trading of buckets, Fiscus returns after a long absence. Darrington with a 3 point play for Strandlund's 4th foul to keep the lead at 10, 59-49, with 7:39 to play. BC cuts it to 6 on a Schoenrock post up with 6:40 left and then gets a turnover but misses 2 chances to cut it to 4. Young with a free throw, Darrington with a 3 point play, Young finds Darrington for 2 more and Young makes another free throw. 66-53 Brooklyn Center with 5:15 left and CHOF never gets closer than 9 the rest of the way. BC wins 77-66.

For CHOF, they fall to 7-7. 4 games in 8 days for them coming up with 3 of those at home. Nate Fiscus not close to 100% with the bad back but he fought thru it for 21 points and 12 rebs on my sheet. Frosh Tyler Strandlund with 8 points and I had 7 rebounds and 6 blocks for him. Cody Sarbacker with 16 of his 20 in the 1st half. Donovan Schoenrock with 12 and 12. CHOF still fighting for the #2 seed in 4A East Subsection. Their problem is a head-head home loss to New Life.

For Brooklyn Center, Freddie Young with 19 points, most of them in the 2nd half. Antone Darrington with 16 clutch points, also most of them in the 2nd half. At 7-8, they still have a fair shot at the #2 seed behind Jordan in the west subsection of 4AA along with Breck and Holy Family. Nice job by the Centaurs of forcing turnovers with a halfcourt trap to get some easy points.

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  1. Yup, our season has been a bit snake-bit. I think Nate will be closer to 100% on Saturday. I talked to Cole's aunt on the way home and Cole still hopes to be back this year, but I wouldn't bet on it. While I would still hope for a good seed in the tourney, it's more important that we grow as a team, and I'm seeing a lot. Cody isn't a pure point guard like Cole, he's more a 1 1/2 rather than a 1 or a 2, he has to calm down and learn to handle the ball a LOT better. I thought considering Nate's injury and the 25 turnovers we did OK tonight.

  2. BTW, our game vs Heritage is at Heritage, not at the SAL, there is a mistake at minnesotascores.

  3. What is CHOF's enrollment these days? I remember they had something like 45 kids in the school when we played them.

  4. The MSHSL site lists the enrollment at 27

  5. that is of course, the top 3 grades, counted the same way as are all HS's.

  6. We actually lost a couple of kids earlier this year, so in our top 3 grades, we have 25 kids (12 boys) and 8 freshman (4 boys).

  7. since my injury, the team has been a lil devastated. we just need to become closer as a team.


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