Chad Calcaterra injury

Czar's Note 1/10/08: Calcaterra has been cleared for action and is expected to start playing immediately. Looking forward to seeing him Monday night at Mounds View (read how he did here), but with his stamina not at 100% I would expect him to get short spurts.

(Czar's Note 12/31/07: On 12/26 the Duluth News Tribune Reported that Calcaterra has suffered a stress fracture in his left foot and is not due back until late January.)

(Czar's Note 12/20/07: The information below on the injury is not accurate. After posting this, I received what I believe to be reliable information on the real injury. However, out of respect for my sources and because it's medical information about a minor, I am unwilling to post that. The original post is still below unedited).

6'10 Cloquet C Chad Calcaterra has not played this season due to an injury. I'm reading that it's 6 weeks due to a broken foot. AAUObserver, I took this from you so if there's any other information out there that people have, I'd be interested to hear it. Sounds like he may not be available for the January 14th game at Mounds View which is a shame.

He's a top 100 player that's been offered a scholarship by the U so I was really looking forward to seeing him play. Then again, at 5'2 to 5'4 depending on my mood (or in the words of comedian Ron White, I'm 5'1 to 5'5 depending on which convenience store I'm leaving), post play wasn't my game so I tend to not fully appreciate the development of big guys.

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