Week 2 observations and week 3 schedule

Friday night Eden Prairie gets blown out in the 2nd half by CDH. This was a 6 pt game at half despite Michael Floyd having 24 in the 1st half with John Nance on the bench with foul trouble. Ethan Wragge kept EP in it in the 1st half. But 2nd half, EP could get no offense and they get routed. Surprising result. I wonder where EP will get points from besides Wragge.

Saturday: Rocori will be a nice team again this year. While I hate the flex with a passion, they do a nice job with it. I wish they'd play more of their zone though. Monticello had no clue against it, but Rocori stayed away from playing it.

Como Park was tied with Forest Lake with 4 minutes left and couldn't close the deal. CP kids had no idea of the new rules emphasis and kept hand-checking and complaining. CP has a 5'5 sophomore that starts and has absolutely no business playing. I'm surprised Dan Brink would play such a kid when he's got plenty of other options (like his other sophomore).

I didn't see much of the St. Bernard's vs SW game, but I can say that SW is much improved. I thought this was going to be a blowout (and it was that when I left with 7 minutes to go), but SW only got beat by 10. Bernard's is small but has a bunch of athletes so they'll be entertaining.

Maranatha beat the daylights out of Minnetonka Christian. Everybody knows about David Hanson, but Josh Hanson (yes another Hanson) is a nice player for them and they have a really good 8th grader starting at the point (Darian Pittman). They'll return 5 of their top 8 (but not David Hanson) next year and 4 of those kids are sophomores or lower.

  • Oh Day Aki lost by 48 at Columbia Heights and got beat at Humboldt. Back to reality for another charter school. See also my post on why section 4A stinks. This won't help the cause.
  • Armstrong almost beat Cooper and hammered Buffalo (at Buffalo) by 17, maybe they're much better than I thought.
  • New Life beat down CHOF 79-58. This was a close game at CHOF last year. NLA will still be there in the MCAA.
  • After beating Burnsville, Prior Lake didn't have enough against Eastview (63-46 loss). Eastview is a team to watch in the Lake.
Week 3 Schedule:

Monday: Heritage at SPA (Highland Park at Roosevelt)
Tuesday: Cooper at Hopkins (Sibley at Osseo in another big game, Henry at TG, AHA at Minnehaha)
Thursday: CDH at Highland Park, SW Christian at CHOF might be interesting too. Buffalo is at Osseo but that game might not be all it appears after seeing the Armstrong/Buffalo result.
Friday: BOLD vs Hutchinson (Target Center 3:15), Hopkins at BSM. Other games of note include Duluth E at Tartan (Dyami Starks vs Mark Sonnen), Minnehaha at Roosevelt, AHA at Central
Saturday: If you can make the trip to Marshall for the Breakdown tip-off classic do it. Locally though we have these games.

Providence at SPA (1:30) or Chicago Forman at North (1:00)
Winona Cotter at HP (3:00)
Bethany at CHOF (5:00)
South at Richfield (7:30)

YTD Stats
  • 18 games split 10 boys and 8 girls with 8 of those in Wisconsin (4 each). This also counts the 11 minutes of SW at St. Bernard's
  • 11 buildings (2 Wisconsin)
  • 35 teams split 20 boys and 15 girls, 16 of those teams (8 each) are Wisconsin teams.
  • 2 genders


  1. What did you think of the remodeled facility at Bernard's?

  2. "Armstrong almost beat Cooper and hammered Buffalo (at Buffalo) by 17, maybe they're much better than I thought."

    I think it could be looked at the other way. I don't think Buffalo is going to very good at all this year, while Cooper really doesn't have very much behind Williams. Armstrong probably has the best coach of the three teams, as well.
    Armstrong is going to win ugly, this year, but they will win, just not much against most of their conference rivals.

  3. I have the Cooper/Armstrong game on tape, I hope to watch it on Wednesday night so I'll see how good they really are. Should be a fun game to watch based on what I've read about it.

    Considering Armstrong lost all 5 starters and Cooper has Minneapolis North transfer Joe Bright along with Williams, I thought Cooper's athleticism (which is why they won 5 of the last 6 meetings between the 2 before this one) would really give them an easy win (Cooper won at home last year by 14). But Greg Miller annually coaches Kurt Pauly under the table so that may have had something to do with it.

  4. Would have been fun to go to the Buffalo game just to hear chants of B-U-F-F-A-L-O, B-U-F-F-A-L-O!

    Championship by default for them last year! They didn't have to worry about teams like Hopkins, Tonka, Jefferson or Apple Valley. They all got knocked out before their time.

  5. Hey Czar:

    Here are some scores to note:

    St. Bernard's 57, Breck 53

    Armstrong 59, St. Thomas Academy 57

    Holy Angels 63, Minnehaha Academy 49

    Holy Family 57, Waconia 52

    Mounds Park 35, Providence Acad 34

    Osseo 52, Henry Sibley 51

  6. Suppossedly Carrington Tankson hit a buzzer beater to win that Osseo game after Leslie hit FTs to put Sibley ahead. I think Armstrong was down 15 at half in that STA game. If that's true that's a very impressive win. (note to self, MUST watch Armstrong/Cooper tape)

    SB at Breck, that's a good win for Bernard's. Holy Family gets a nice win over a traditionally solid Waconia program.

    Also Rosemount losing to Apple Valley, do I need to say more about Andrew Brommer. Makes me sick too because I'm an Iowa fan. I may have to downgrade my Les Jepsen reference.


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