Get Well Stripes

Those who know me know that I've had my share of "disagreements" with officiating over the years and still do as you've seen from Thursday's PACT at Blake JV game. In the spirit of this post, I'm being nice. Besides, I'm mostly beyond the officiating now as focusing on it takes away from my enjoyment of the game itself. I reserve my biggest wrath for players, but you all already knew that from reading the other posts on this blog. :)

All of that said, some of you may have seen the Pioneer Press article where a referee had a seizure on the court at Fridley on Thursday night. I had a source at that game and it was a very scary situation. Thankfully it sounds like the ref will be OK. So while some have referred to me as a certain part of the male anatomy (which I can be at times), even I wouldn't wish anything like this on anyone, especially during the holiday season.

Get Well Stripes.

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