Holy Family/Minnehaha thoughts

The 1st half was close, but Holy Family controls the 2nd half to win 72-59 and it wasn't that close. Trent Johnson with a nice 2nd half to finish with 23 pts. Taylor Sparkman was in foul trouble all night (very tightly called game) and that was a factor as HF was down 5 when he picked up #3 with 7:44 left in the 1st half but led by 3 at halftime. Minnehaha got a great boost from Greg Meyer with 18 pts in the 1st 20 minutes but he got nothing after that (it was 46-42 HF when he last scored).

Minnehaha played 2 waves of guys and Lance Johnson put his 5 bench guys out there for the 1st 4:02 of the 2nd half (-6). Overall the bench outplayed the starters, Meyer and David Burnham along with Taylor Hanson are a nice group. The backups played 1-3-1 and man, but the starters only played man. With this group in the 1st half, Meyer got a lot out of a dribble handoff and then taking his man on the dribble. This largely carried their offense when Sparkman was down with fouls in the 1st half. Minnehaha never came back to this after Meyer's last points except for a couple times when the score was already out of hand. Instead they ran their Shuffle offense which negated the athletic advantage they had. Overall, a very entertaining team that is very dangerous due to their depth and their athletes. If they hit 3s, they're tough to defend.

Trent Johnson did pick up his 2nd foul at 8:14 of the 1st half do that may have eliminated some of his eagerness on the defensive end during that same time period but he didn't get #3. Give HF credit for hitting 3s to get Minnehaha out of the 1-3-1 zone and playing a very sound game. So while the final score was 13 pts, HF was up by 19 more than once in the 2nd half and if you include the 8 pt advantage after Sparkman's 3rd foul, HF outscored Minnehaha by 27 pts over a 22 minute span before garbage time.

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