Thoughts on STMA/Spring Lake Park

Nice new building at Spring Lake Park, I highly recommend it. The game was a 5 pt game with 5 minutes to go then St. Michael-Albertville goes on a 14-0 run with classic clock management (spread the floor, get layups and FTs) in the next 4 minutes and wins going away 68-51. Remember the name Joe Carpenter for STMA, a talented freshman player who could be very good for them down the road. Theo Rothstein is the real deal for them and as a team they are very sound and will run you out of the building if you fall asleep. A matchup with a Henry, Johnson or STA would be interesting and entertaining. BSM has more firepower.

As to SLP, Cory Polta is a beast. But if he continues to drop his left shoulder to run over people, he'll starting ending up on the bench in foul trouble. Elijah Sabah will be a nice replacement for him next year. Taylor Hall at the PF spot is athletic and can hit the 3 which is important for spacing the floor for Polta. They're game isn't the same when he's on the bench as they can't do their high-low stuff. Shaun Jensen is a nice PG for them, but I wish he'd be more involved in the offense. Something like a high screen/roll to the left with Polta rolling and Hall filling in at the top would be very effective for them.

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