Week 3 Friday scoreboard watching

Scores from Friday 12/14/07 that caught my attention.
  • Apple Valley pulls another upset beating Burnsville.
  • Lakeville N beats Jefferson, maybe Lakeville N will make some noise in the Lake.
  • St. Louis Park blows out Totino-Grace, ouch.
  • Edina beats Prior Lake
  • Minnehaha with a nice win over Roosevelt.
  • Edison beats Breck at Breck.
  • Henry beats Arlington, no surprise there, but they gave up 86 pts. Arlington is my sleeper pick in the St. Paul City so this may be a good sign.
  • SW blasts Oh Day Aki. I think we can officially put all of the Oh Day Aki as a contender in in section 4A talk to rest.
  • Harding upsets Mounds View, big shocker there.
  • Tartan beats Duluth East by 28, wow.
  • Central avenges another non-conference loss from last season by beating Holy Angels.


  1. "SW blasts Oh Day Aki. I think we can officially put all of the Oh Day Aki as a contender in in section 4A talk to rest."

    Ehh, why the need to harsh on this poor little Indian school? They are playing a big-school schedule and probably don't expect to win these early games. They played close with Humboldt- which crushed Becker tonight by 23! Also improved is Southwest, which just crushed Blake this week. Losing to Columbia Heights badly is no shame, they have a new coach, one of the best AAU and girls coaches in the state, Willie Braziel. My guess is, they will be prepared as they come back into the Class A-level games to assert themselves, as the season progresses.
    (But I will agree, they aren't nearly as strong as last year.!0

  2. "Tartan beats Duluth East by 28, wow."

    Duluth East is a fraud. Until Dyami Starks figures out that there are four teammates on the floor with him, East will fail.
    He's a great talent, but young and immature, doubt he'll figure it out this season.

  3. These are the same teams that they hammered last year in the their 25-5 run. I've been ripped for saying the section is bad and this is one of the teams people point to. I'm demonstrating the factual information to show that they aren't the contender that those critics say they are.

    In an ironic note, I will see them Monday night.


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