Osseo at South thoughts

Osseo blows out South on Thursday night of week 4. Mostly due to a 2-3 and some 1-3-1 zone. South really struggled against those as it doesn't allow them to use their athleticism as much.

Osseo has a nice squad with a star in Tankson, a couple of nice big guys in Dower and Peterson and a sniper in Dan Brown. They're more dangerous with Dower on the floor instead of Peterson due to Dower's speed, rebounding and shot blocking ability. While he had a quick trigger in this game, he's plenty good offensively (and lefty to boot). Peterson could then be used against a team's 2nd unit for lesser minutes where his stamina wouldn't be an issue.

Tankson takes more bad shots for a disciplined team than anyone I see. When they go in its great, but if he misses that hurts them. He picked up a really silly 2nd foul (reach around) with about 5 min left in the 1st half and had to sit, but Osseo went zone and made a nice run without him to end the half. Osseo is a much different team with him on the floor though as he's the 1 guy for them who can consistently generate his own offense and that opens it up for guys like Brown and forces big guys to help giving Dower and Peterson more chances.

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