Early border battle watching

A few teams from the area made the trip to Milwaukee this weekend for games against Wisconsin teams, here's how they fared. (Note: Wisconsin rankings have been converted to reference the class the same way we would in Minnesota, Division 1 in Wisconsin = 4A here in MN, 2 = 3A, 3=2A, 4 = 1A)
  • Central rolls again as they got out to a 35-12 lead at the half. Nice work to rebound from a 20 pt loss to a solid Milwaukee Lutheran team on Friday night.
  • Johnson takes the #4 4A team in Wisconsin to the limit
  • South with a nice win over the #10 3A team in Wisconsin. They couldn't do much of anything against Osseo's 1-3-1 on Thursday night and then they play Adams-Friendship who is famous statewide in Wisconsin for their 1-3-1 and beats them. Go figure.
  • Washburn gets a nice win over Plymouth, WI
  • Breck comes from behind to get an OT victory over Milwaukee Custer.

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