South at Richfield, another classic

As a slight refresher, note that South came from 12 down in the last 4 minutes (and more than 15 earlier in the half) last year to beat Richfield 84-82. The last minute of that game also included a couple of bizarre technicals (Richfield out of timeouts and a questionable one on South coach Joe Hiser). So that's the setting for this year's rematch, which for a unknown reason was at Richfield again.

Tied at 75 with 2:09 to go. South leads 78-75 with 1:29 to go and gets called for a block. Hiser is not happy and is yapping at the official. Not showing the official up, not yelling at him, no histrionics and without warning he gets a T. I was opposite the South bench and this T looked really really questionable. A ref can't have a short fuse in that situation in my mind. But I didn't hear anything he said, so he may have earned it but Hiser didn't think so. Richfield now has 4 FTs (shooting foul + the T) and the ball. They hit 3 FTs but didn't score on the possession, we're tied at 78 with about a minute left.

Richfield takes the lead on a South turnover, but South comes right back gets a bucket and a foul. Missed the FT though so we're tied at 80 with about 35 seconds left. Richfield misses with about 15-20 seconds left and South has a chance for the win. With 5 seconds left, DeAaron Hearn gets a steal and gets out on the break. He makes a nice pass in a 2 on 1 for what appears to be the game winning layup but a South player comes from nowhere and swats it away to save the game. We go to OT tied at 80.

At the end of the OT its 89-86 South, Chris Daly, Richfield's top shooter, gets an open look at a 3 and misses. A scramble ensues and Daly gets off a prayer at the horn that hits iron and stays out. South hangs on 89-86.

Very fun up and down race horse basketball 8 or 9 guards on the floor at a time. Lots of post ups by South guards which was fun too.

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