Final Christmas thoughts

Ah the joy of being snowed in. I was supposed to leave for the holidays this morning, but so much for that idea. Gives me more time to write and to add stuff to the blog. You'll see I added links to the site, including the other 2 places where I post. I know many of you came from MinnesotaPreps, but if you don't read that stuff regularly, I highly recommend it.

Today begins the best 2 week stretch of the basketball regular season in my mind. Starting with all of the fun Christmas tournaments this week and finishing with the Timberwolves shootout on January 5th. I'm looking forward to see the top Wisconsin players at the wonderful Al McGuire Center in Milwaukee in addition to getting a preview of Mobile LaFlore before they come here before the TWolves Shootout. Thank goodness for padded seats. I may even sneak in a game at the old UW fieldhouse in Madison, always good to get back in the real barn.

Look for the following posts in the new year.
  • Review of the WBY Shootout in Milwaukee
  • Surprises and Disappointments along with a review of some of my predictions as we approach the beginning of conference play for most schools.
  • Speaking of the start of conference play, if you go the Blog Archive (right side below the links), you'll see the 12 conference preview postings I did in the week or so leading up to the start of practice in November.
  • Preview of the Timberwolves Shootout
YTD Stats (full version)
34 games (25 boys, 9 girls), make it 50 if you want to count 16 JV games.
64 teams (47 boys, 17 girls, 16 Wisconsin teams split 8 boys and 8 girls)
23 buildings
25 National Anthems
12 Hot Dogs
2 genders
Seeing a 45 ft half-court buzzer beater: priceless

Teams I've seen in the current AP poll
4A: 7 (Missing Eastview, Tartan and Kennedy)
3A: 7 (Missing STA, DLS and Mankato W)
2A: 3 (HF, SB and Concordia)
1A: 1 (MCA)

To all, thank you for reading. This blog has become far more than I ever expected. Your feedback (positive and negative) has been a great asset for me to make this blog more enjoyable for everyone. Have a safe and happy holiday.

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