Week 3 Mid-Week Observations

Mid-week random musings.
  • Tough loss for Sibley on a buzzer beater at Osseo. Carrington Tankson is the kind of guy who will shoot you out of a game or cut your heart out.
  • St. Bernard's with a nice win at Breck.
  • Last Friday SW Christian goes to PACT and gets beat in OT and then they go to Bethlehem Academy and only get beat by 8. Hard to figure that one.
  • Apple Valley beats Rosemount. Do I really need more Andrew Brommer material? I wrote this about him in Sept.
  • I did watch the 1st half of Cooper/Armstrong on tape. Armstrong is much better than expected. The Cruz kid is a nice player for them and JD Robinson is playing the Carter Biewen role this year. Greg Miller runs as many set plays that work as anybody.
  • Speaking of Armstrong, coming from 15 down at the half to beat St. Thomas is a big win.
  • Cooper at Hopkins was beyond ugly. Cooper sans Rodney Williams so they had a tough time generating offense.
  • Holy Family with a nice win over Waconia. I'm looking forward to the HF game at Minnehaha next Friday.
  • Heritage beat SPA Monday night. Stu Herman can really light it up and I couldn't help but think of Chris Mullin when watching John Hirte.


  1. "Tough loss for Sibley on a buzzer beater at Osseo. Carrington Tankson is the kind of guy who will shoot you out of a game or cut your heart out."

    IDK, Tankson didn't seem to have (b)any heart(/b) when Armstrong blew them out at sections last year. Still with Dower and Brown coming into their own, it's fair to say we can write them in to a state championship final 8 berth right now, too many weapons!

    "Cooper at Hopkins was beyond ugly."

    If possible, please elaborate! Without Rodney- and only one other strong player in Bright, I'm amazed that Cooper kept it even that close.

  2. I watched that Osseo/Armstrong game on tape. Once Armstrong got on a quick run of 3s that game was over. Brown and Dower are nice players for them. But with Cooper and Mounds View in the same section, Osseo won't have a cake walk.

    Hopkins blew the game open to 25 at one point and then late Cooper made up points. Game was very sloppy, bad offense, Cooper had nobody else who could score (though Freddy Burton loves the 3). Hopkins is small and playing young guards. Broghammer doesn't get enough touches inside.

    If Novak would ever go 4 small and sit DiLoreto they would really destroy people but he's stubborn in having 2 bigs on the floor at all times.

  3. Ahh, Mounds View lost tonight to Harding! Can you say: overrated?

    Cooper was "Brightless" tonight in their game, which sounds like a repeat of last year at Mpls. North-
    when he was constantly MIA or else demoted to the JV bench.

    I still say Osseo in a walk


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