Hopkins vs BSM

Hopkins at Benilde-St. Margaret's. Best game I've seen so far this year. Great environment thanks to 2 good student sections, a solid band and a high intensity game. Benilde hung tough, but Hopkins depth did win out. Jordan Taylor had a tough night with Marcus Williams and Moses Sundufu being quick enough to keep him from going into the lane at will. Hopkins did a great job helping too. Benilde won't be happy with their FT shooting. They had some chances late to hit FTs and didn't make em, especially the back end of the double bonus which kept them from getting into any full-court defensive pressure. Stu Neville is a nice 3rd option for them and gives them some size. They've also got a couple of shooters around Taylor to keep defenses honest so BSM will still be a tough team to beat this year.

Mike Broghammer was just a beast in 2nd half to keep Hopkins ahead. And props to Ken Novak for finally going with the lineup that I've been talking about for a while now. 4 guards and Broghammer. Di Loreto didn't play much in the 2nd half and he wasn't needed. Marvin Singleton and Sundufu had solid nights off the bench for Hopkins. Trent Lockett is a stud and Marcus Williams does a nice job running the team. Hopkins wins 77-66 and is every bit worth their #2 ranking in 4A.


  1. This was the worst basketball game I have seen since the 1988 Prior Lake vs. International Falls cluster.

  2. Obviously a downtrodden Benilde fan.

    Thanks for your insight and this blog Czar. I followed the link gnosis put up from preps and I for one appreciate your straight forward, unbiased opinions.

    I, like you, apprecaited the students from both Benilde and Hopkins. They really made it a fun atmosphere. I thought the game was entertaining but both teams are obviously in early season form. I didn't think either of them really got into any kind of rhythem but that will come.

    I thought Hopkins would be more balanced this year without Hoffarber and that certainly was the case in this game.

  3. Thanks nightfly, glad someone appreciates the different point of view. I talked to gnosis (michael much) tonight at the CHOF/Bethany game and he said he was taking a fair amount of flak via phone in addition to the hatred expressed on preps.

    I must admit, I overlooked Battle's 34 in the game. Nice night.


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